DIY Wired and Wire-Wrapped Bracelets and Pendants

Wired and wire-wrapped accessories never really go out of fashion.  They are actually fit for any season and if you are thinking of the perfect present to give this holiday season, well, you can never go wrong with these easy to make but fabulous wired and wire wrapped jewelry.

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If you are a beginner in the art of making wired accessories, then this project would definitely enchant you.  Try to make an Egyptian clasp by overlapping your handmade coils.  A tutorial on how to work these wires to come up with an Egyptian coil can be seen here on Marie Cristine’s blog.  The steps are very easy to follow and you would only need a pair of pliers and of course your wires 🙂


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Now, if you are hesitant about making a lot of coils and putting it together, then try the next project which only involves working the wire one time to create a gorgeous clasp.  Such a project is featured here in the Art Bead Scene blog.  Similarly, all you would need is a pair of pliers to do the magic on your wires.  But you might also need a hammer and a bench block to even out the shape you want to attain.



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To make those bracelets, clasps, and bangles more interesting, why not introduce some beads and practice your wire wrapping technique skills.  A beginner in wire-wrapping? No worries because an article in the Unfortunately Oh! blog shows you how to do this exactly.  She demonstrated how to wire wrap a crystal into a cuff and it it just beautiful.  I am sure you would also be able to follow how to do this.



But we are really not limited to making bangles, clasps, and bracelets using wires.  The next project would feature a wire pendant that is heart shaped.  This tutorial is from the StudioDax blog.  While she made the wire into a heart shaped pendant, you can actually make a variety of shapes that is fit for this holiday season.  Why not try to make a Christmas tree or a snowman or a snowflake?  It will really be up to you and the person you have in mind to give this gift to.  She even featured a variation wherein you would want to accentuate your pendant with beads.  Truly, there is no limit to your creativity.

Art43 WiredAndWireWrappedJewelry4Art43 WiredAndWireWrappedJewelry5




Art43 WiredAndWireWrappedJewelry6






Since we have introduced the beads on the previous tutorial, why not wire-wrap beads into pendants for your next project.  This is exactly one of the featured tutorial of the Flight Fancy’s blog is all about.  The finished product can not only be a necklace pendant but you can make tons of them using different gem stones and they can work as bracelet charms as well.  You can incorporate your design according to the holiday theme this season by using gemstones in shapes of Christmas trees or snowflakes.



Art43 WiredAndWireWrappedJewelry7


Another interesting tutorial I saw while surfing through the net is the one featured in the Adventures in Creating blog.  I even love how she used a beaded necklace to highlight the gemstone pendant wrapped in wire.  On the other hand, you can use the basic chain necklace if you prefer but it will still look pretty nonetheless.  This necklace would also be one perfect gift to give away this season or you can even make one for yourself, perfect to be worn on Christmas day.














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  3. I’m teaching myself wire wrapping and all hints are welcome!


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