DIY Tutorials: Charms and Snowflakes

Charm bracelets are perfect gift especially for Christmas. They vary in design and price and they can simply be personalized. This is what April portrays on her tutorial  at LC PandaHall article when she designed this bracelet.

This Christmas bracelet is characterized by using Tibetan style and glass pearl beads. April’s charm bracelets are highly customized and have significant charms that make these bracelets as one of the most favorite Christmas items.

diy Christmas jewelry ideas







Charm bracelets are incredible Christmas gifts. It is also a simple craft to make, and so not many particular tools are needed. It also displays small, yet stunning charms or ornaments that usually signify the personality, interest, and interests of the individual wearing the bracelet.

diy Christmas jewelry ideas

This traditional charm bracelet inspired by April has a tendency to jingle once you move. They can also get caught in your sweaters. These extraordinary charm bracelets is cheaper compare with some other latest styles.

If you’re planning to give this bracelet for a woman who is fashionable, this is something for her. By having various colors such as red, green silver, and gold,it is a timeless fashionable and stylish compare with some other usual charm bracelets.Feel the spirit of Christmas by having these beautiful Charm bracelets for you as well as, for your loved ones.

Do you need a Snowflake pendant to wear for your Christmas party? Well, April has got another one for you. The snowflake pendant! Not only that, it is quick to do so, taking about few minutes of your time, and it looks so incredible! By using bicone glass and seed beads, you can get all the all the sparks that you need!


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Snowflakes are considered as one of the iconic representation of this coming winter holiday season. Creating beaded snowflake pendants is also a perfect craft or project for Christmas. Simple pendants created by April from Learning Center blog site ,which made up of small beads that are suitable projects for either old or young ones.



Additionally, aside for being a fun art tutorial, these snowflake pendants can also consider as an exceptional, handmade Christmas gifts. Through its blue crystal beads, it creates dazzling snowflakes that complement well with Tiger Tail Wire. Using frosty blue beads is part of April’s idea for this project. With various beaded, featured patterns, this tutorial is quite ideal most especially for beginners with comprehensive and complete photo instructions. This beaded snowflake pendant bead pattern is crafted with special  beads, so you can be familiar with glass, seed or both.

diy tutorialsFrom here, you can learn also a personalize snowflake pendant by choosing blue colored beads. Be a shining star every holiday even with this dazzling snowflake beaded necklace. This festive tutorial will give you an idea about on how to create a necklace that will put some charm to your winter clothes.

By being imaginative and creative, you can be a sparkling snow queen for the entire season with this eye-catching beaded snowflake necklace adorning your neckline. Beaded snowflakes pendants are fun to make! Make dozens as Christmas gifts or use them as holiday jewelries.


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