DIY Brickstitch Beading: Christmas Parol Earring Pattern

It’s weekend 🙂 Time for some DIY Brickstitch beading project! Today, we’re going to make a popular Christmas ornament found in Asia, particularly the Philippines – the Christmas Parol Earrings!


diy brickstitch beading

Also called Lanterns, Parols are big stars made of paper and bamboo. They are believed to be the Star of Bethlehem which guided the 3 kings with its long tail of rays as they travel to Jerusalem to witness the birth of Christ. Hanging a Christmas Parol signifies that Christmas season is coming.

Nowadays, a lot of variations of Parols have been created. Some are really expensive and big, made from Capiz and created with colorful lights. We have one, as big as our attic window, We have lighted every night and you’ll see it from 2 blocks away 🙂

I was inspired by the Parol and so I created the Christmas Parol Earrings, shaped like a big diamond star with dangling bugle beads that served as its’ rays.

Here is the pattern of the Parol. The beads I used are 11/0 seed beads in colors. opaque white, Metallic Cosmos and Ceylon Glacier. You can also use the colors you prefer 🙂 Additional materials would be some bugle beads, jump rings, head pins and ear wires.







Creating the earrings uses Brickstitch technique. First, start with basic Increase Brickstitch.  String 3 beads and pass the thread back into the 1st & 2nd bead. You may pass the thread several times to secure the beads or you may make a knot if you wish. You will see there is a thread visible connecting the beads. This is called “bridge.”

diy brickstitch beading  


Pick up 2 beads and pass the thread under the “bridge’ and as you pull, come up again into the 2nd bead added.

Pick up 1 bead and pass the thread under the same “bridge.” As you pull the thread, come up and pass back through the bead added.



Going right, pick up 2 beads.  Pass the thread under the “1st bridge” and as you pull, come up the 2nd bead added.

Remember you now have “2 bridges.” Pick up 1 bead and pass the thread under the “next bridge.” Come up back through the new bead added and pull the thread.




Complete the row and pick up 1 bead. Pass the thread under the same “bridge.” Come up through the new bead added and pull the thread. Using Increase Brickstitch, follow the pattern to determine the color of beads.



To weave the sides, refer to the pattern again.Weave Ladder Stitch to create the pointed sides.


…and then follow the pattern again. Weaving your way up, use Decrease Brickstitch.

For Decreased Bricktstitch always remember to pass the thread under the 2nd bridge for the start of every row.





To finish your brickstitch simply add the last bead and then pass the thread through several beads to secure the thread. You can also make knots.


For the dangles, create of these beaded headpins, attach onto a jump ring and voila!


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Hope you like your Parol inspired earrings!

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