Christmas is just around the corner :) Here’s our very own DIY beading today, something inspired by a popular Christmas decor, the “Christmas Wreath.” Just like what we’ve promised on our Facebook Fanpage we’ll have it for free, but only for a limited time so check out the tutorial now!




Let’s start!


Cut at least 25 inches of thread. String 11/0 seed beads – 2 greens and 2 reds, for a total of 28 seed beads. Pass the thread back through the beads and form a circle.


Coming out a pair of greens do a Circular Flat Peyote Stitch following the diagram. After you finish the round do a step-up so your thread should now come out a green bead from the new round you just added.



The next 2 rounds consist of 8/0 green and red seed beads. Follow the same weaving pattern as you did the previous round and create 2 rounds with 8/0 seed beads.

diy beading



The next round consist of pairs of 11/0 green and red seed beads. Following the same weaving pattern, string 2 green and 2 red to complete the round.




For the final round, string 3 bronze 11/0 seed beads and create a picot edge. When finished, this is how it looks like. Create as many as you need that will fit your wrist. For a 7-inch bracelet, including clasp 5 circular wreath components are needed then set aside.




Cut another arm span of thread and string 14 green 11/0 seed beads. Weave a regular flat Peyote stitch until you have 10 rows.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads



After weaving 10 rows, zip the sides by weaving in zigzag direction and form a tube. Then weave a 4mm red pearl at both ends to cover the hole and to serve as an embellishment. Set aside.


Now, get ready to see these components transform into a bracelet! Take 1 wreath and weave a Ladder Stitch consisting of 6 green 11/0 seed beads on two picot edges. Then on the Ladder Stitch you attach your Peyote tube. Then weave through the wreath until you reach the other side.


String a 4mm red pearl and follow the thread pattern how to link a the wreath.



…and then continue to weave the rest of the wreaths.


Voila! Now, you’re ready for your Christmas party! :) My family is the host on our family reunion for this year and for sure, this bracelet will be one of my highlights! I’ll surely enjoy this bracelet and I hope you enjoy yours :)


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