Wire Wrapping Jewelry Using Swarovski Crystals

Wire wrapping when used with different precious stones and beads can make very fine and beautiful jewelry. Today you’ll be inspired by Wire Wrapping Jewelry Using Swarovski Crystals.

Memory wires are great for making cuff bracelets and bangles likes this piece from Hayley of Crafter’s Haven. Haley combined glass pearls and Swarovski crystals in creating the cuff bracelet.



wire wrapping








These Crystal Blackberry Pearls and Crystal Lilac Shadow seem like a good color combination. These are the newest colors from Swarovski Elements. You can find some memory wires HERE and then follow the tutorial link from Crafter’s Haven.


wire wrapping tutorial


Another wire wrapped Swarovski crystal inspired piece is this bracelet Wire Wrapped Bracelet from Jewellery Tutorials.


The bracelet is actually composed of several Swarovski wrapped links. With the technique you’ll learn from Jewellery Tutorials you can use it too for creating a necklace.



You would need a number, maybe a pack of bicones to create a necklace so buy them in bulk 🙂


Check out Save $, Buy in Bulk from Fire Mountain Gems


Wire wrapping techniques for Swarovski crystals are not limited to making fabulous bracelets and necklaces but these can be used to make elegant earrings as well.


wire wrapping tutorial



I came across Tammy Jone’s Wrapped Wire Teardrop Earrings with Swarovski Crystals at http://www.jewelrymakingdaily.com/blogs/daily/archive/2011/03/28/make-colorful-wrapped-wire-teardrop-earrings-with-swarovski-crystals.aspx The earrings are very, very gorgeous.


The earrings uses bicones, rounds and cube Swarovski crystals.



Visit this LINK and learn How to Make Colorful Wrapped Wire Teardrop Earrings with Swarovski Crystals


wire wrapping tutorial

I visited Crafter.org forum and I also saw how they wire wrapped beaded bracelets.   I was actually thinking that you can use the same wire wrapping technique and use Swarovski crystals in combination with the beads to make the the bracelet livelier.


The tutorial can be found here: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=24646.0#axzz2gL9rcx98.



I hope with these featured tutorials your creativity is now glittering with crystals and shining with bright ideas for making handmade jewelries 🙂




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  1. Thanks for including my work in this post – I love working with Swarovski crystal beads! I really appreciate the mention.


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