How to Make Cluster Earrings

There is a cluster earring craze going around and there are a lot of fabulous ideas, tips and designs on making beaded earrings.

For one, Rachel of The life of Riley will show you her Double Beaded Dangle Earrings!

The beads used for this project are size 6/0 seed beads. ¬†Don’t you just love how flirty those earrings look? They provide a statement to any outfit whether worn during the day or night.


how to make clustered earrings









You can also very well incorporate some wire work techniques in you cluster.


how to make clustered earringsThe Cascading Crystal Earrings by Lindsey is one example where wirework, particularly spiraling wirework technique is used.



See how many variations you can do with the technique ūüôā The beads used for this project are bicone crystals and some are created with pearls,¬† but you can also use different types of beads like glass beads. ¬†They would still work well with the wire works in making these elegant beaded earrings. Check out the tutorial HERE


how to make clustered earrings


On the other hand, if you want to incorporate life into the design for your beaded earring, you can use inspirations like butterflies or dragonflies would scream nature and outdoors and spring.  I loved how the dragonflies were brought to life with this cluster style, Dangling Dragonfly Earrings by Prima Beads.


You can also make beaded earrings for every season, be it summer or winter, or spring and fall.  Not only this but you can even make beaded earrings to suit every occasion, a valentines date maybe, or a Halloween costume party.

Let us not forget that our creative juices can save us a lot of money and even save mother earth.  How? By using some recycled materials in making our beaded earrings.


If you want to use just about any kind of beads in making those pretty little dangling earrings try using some fuzz beads!

how to make clustered earrings


These clustered earrings from Jewels of Sayuri have a little bit more of that eccentric style.  Safety pins are used together with the beads to make those pretty dangling beaded earrings.


Explore the design and try it HERE!


Happy jewelry making!



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