How to make beading patterns

Last Saturday I posted a game at the Fanpage. I created a beaded cuff bracelet but couldn’t think of a name for the piece and so I asked the help of our friends and now, finally! I have chosen the name Royal Gardens suggested by Karole Bowlds 🙂




Now, I know you guys are asking, why Royal Gardens?



how to make beading pattern

I was inspired by the Amethyst colored rhinestones. As you can see each rhinestones are enclosed in square patterns, similar to what you see in courtyards, Victorian and English gardens.  Kind of like this picture from


The colors Amethyst, mauve, lavenders and violets are shades representing royal colors. Combining the garden theme and the royal colors, I think Royal Gardens is best suited for the bracelet 🙂 Thanks and congratulations Karole Bowlds!



Just a quick info on how I created the pattern, I used website pattern maker. Here’s a screenshot of the canvass where you can design your pattern.


You can choose from 3 types of pattern alignment, Bead Loom, Brickstitch and Peyote. Although the pattern you’ll create cannot be printed, they can be saved and submitted. will then include the patterns on their Pattern Gallery. I haven’t got the time to check out their gallery but they have 127 patterns submitted by users that you can choose from.


I played a little, trying out their site and doodled a bat as I was thinking of Halloween 🙂 What’s nice is you can also share the pattern through emails. Try it!




Let’s quickly change topic 🙂 Lavenders are hot today! If you like to purchase the tutorials as a Solo Tutorial, you can visit this LINK. But what’s great is that these 2 lavender shade bracelets are now instantly accessible under Gold Package.



Gold Membership



Happy weekend!




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    1. you can print the pattern from the share screen by clicking on the print pattern, and I did test before posting this comment


    2. Nice post. This post is very informative and useful. These jewellery designs are looking beautiful and available in affordable prices. Thanks for sharing the valuable information.


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