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We are going to have a video marathon today! Yes, and all these featured DIY beading video tutorials are from the popular, Gianna Zimmeman of Beading4perfectionists!


Gianna Zimmerman

Okay, here are 2 interesting facts about Gianna. This beading expert used to work as a security guard and she’s a great fan of  of Scott Bakula 🙂 Interesting, isn’t it?


Unlike most jewelry makers and beadweavers, Gianna did not start beading as a hobby, but as a means to make ends meet. In trying to fill the financial gap she did everything she could to expand her earnings – working as a security guard and at the same time learning how to bead, selling her pieces at fair trades and flea markets. Since many were asking if she does home beading workshops she started on exploring how to teach people to bead.


She did everything by herself; learning video editing and photoshop. She’s a self-taught video maker and now guess what? After sometime she became a Youtube partner. I also heard that Gianna is now on CraftArtEDU.You go girl! Congratulations! Cheers!!!



Now, just like when you watch movies on theaters, go ahead and prepare some snacks. Have the kids go to grandma’s first so no noisy kiddies in the living room. Let the hubby do the laundry for awhile so you have some space to watch our DIY Beading Video Tutorials marathon. 😀



For beginner beading students visit B4Pbakup’s channel for easy beading tutorials.


Basic flat herringbone with Delica seed beads and 1mm cubes.



Cocktail ring with 4mm bicones, 6mm pearls, 11/0 seed beads, beading thread.



For advance beading students visit Beading4perfectionists channel.


How to Bezel a 10mm Rivoli with 11/0 seed beads, 15/0 seed beads and 4mm bicones



I’ve always loved this Queen Pearls necklace with 6mm pearls, 4mm bicones and 11/0 seed beads, C-lon AA and Fireline



…and if you want to see other stuffs like DIY Macrame’, Soutache’, Kumihimo and Bead Crochet you can find them all at b4pmacrame channel


Setting up threads to start Micro-Macrame’ Swarovski bracelet




Micro-Macrame’ Swarovksi Bracelet



Phew…her video list is so long so it’s better if you subscribe to her Youtube channel so you get the latest 🙂 By the way, Gianna is also a contributor for DIY Beading Magazine @ iPad 7



Read more about Gianna Zimmerman HERE




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