How to Make String Bracelets

String bracelets are also known as friendship bracelets.  You can either wear them one at a time, wear them all at once, give them as gifts or swap them with friends, or sell them to make money 🙂  Making string bracelets are relatively easy and there are a variety of designs to choose from in making string bracelets.



One of the ways that string bracelets can be made is by using a disc to braid the strings.


How to Make String Bracelets

by Frienship-Bracelets,net


This technique is actually called the Kumihimo style.  The typical kumihimo disc can easily be bought from craft stores.  A tutorial on how to make a string bracelet using the kumihimo technique can be seen on this link:



In making string bracelets, there is also the finger knitted technique.


 How to Make String Bracelets

by Infarrantly Creative


This is a very different way to make gorgeous string bracelets but I have to warn you, this may also be very tedious but the final string bracelet is worth it.  I saw a link that offers a step by step process on how this can be done on this link:  You may or may not ask for assistance in using the finger knitted technique in making string bracelets.



Other materials can be used in parallel with the strings to bring more life in making string bracelets.

How to Make String Bracelets

by I Spy DIY


Adding buttons on a brightly colored embroidery thread make a bold wrap bracelet.  To further understand what I am referring to, I tried to look for a tutorial on how buttons can be combined with strings in making bracelets and I have stumbled upon this link  The colors of the embroidery strings really depend on your taste.



Another way for those fabulous strings to become bracelets is to knot them.


How to Make String Bracelets

by the red ktichen


Simple knots make very pretty color block bracelets.  I tried to look for the how to’s in making string bracelets using knots and I found a very easy to follow tutorial on this link: These string bracelets can also be party favors 🙂


These are inexpensive ideas for making accessories. I’m sure you’ll have fun stringing and creating bracelets. You can start now so you can have more and enough to give as gifts this coming Christmas 🙂



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