How to Make Beaded Bracelets

In making beaded bracelets, there are a lot of types of bead that we can use and seed beads are just one of them. Though we only often see them as a filler in our beaded bracelet designs, seed beads are also very versatile on their own. They can either be multi-strand in design, spriral, or even have the Native American feel to it. But the simplest I was able to find was the stringing technique used on How to Make Bracelet Using Beads tutorial




Another technique in making a beaded bracelet is using the crimping technique, but first, what is a crimp bead?





Crimp beads are tiny metal tubes, nearly about the size of a seed bead. They are pressed and used as bead stoppers when stringing beads with tigertails or beading wires.
















A special tool called, “crimping tool” is needed to press crimp beads. Make sure you grab one of these crimping tools because they’re really useful 🙂 Besides, having the tools necessary for creating any type of jewelry makes it easier to create.













…and now I think you’re ready to make the bracelet  with this tutorial,default,pg.html. 


The tutorial even includes the list of tools that you need and what to look for especially for durable materials that will make our creations last.  I also love how they use one word for their steps that is easy to remember: cut it, string it, wire it, crimp it…and so on.



There are a lot of designs to choose from in making beaded bracelets and braiding your way through it is just one of them. Since I am also a fan of braids, I tried to look for tutorials on how I can incorporate braids into my beads and create fabulous beaded bracelet designs.


How to make beaded bracelets

I stumbled upon a tutorial from Honestly WTF that showed me how easy it can actually be done.  This link would also be very helpful to you if you are also interested in braiding beads into bracelets:



Making beaded bracelets can also be clustered so that the overall bracelet has that chunky feel.

How to make beaded bracelets

There is actually a very easy step by step tutorial on how this can be made and it can be found on this link: This type of beaded bracelet design is somehow unique and it goes to show that there are various design ideas that can be used in making beaded bracelets.  So don’t hold you horses and just let your creative juices flow.




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