DIY Ring Tutorial

Finally! I got hold of my twin beads. 🙂 I bought them last month, but it is only now that I was able to play with them. I made a bracelet and a pair of earrings. Thought I need to make a matching ring and so here is the piece and here is my DIY Ring Tutorial


DIY Ring Tutorial


I had fun creating the ring. With a strip of twin beads and pearls you can create a lot of variation how to embellish or create the facade of the ring. I did 2 versions but I’d like to teach you how I did this ring 🙂 Let’s begin!


For the materials list I found the perfect match on the links below 🙂


Seed beads

Twin Beads



Step 1:

Start with an arm span of thread and a bead stopper.

DIY Ring Tutorial 


Pick up a twin bead, followed by 2 pearls. Now, remember twin beads have 2 holes. Go left and pass the thread into the upper hole of the twin bead.

DIY Ring Tutorial DIY Ring Tutorial


Go right and back into the lower hole of the twin bead, through and out the adjacent pearl and pull. Now you have 2 pearls that will match the 2 holes of the twin beads.

DIY Ring TutorialDIY Ring Tutorial


Step 2:

Pick up a twin bead. Go left and pass back through the other hole of the twin bead, through and out the pearl. Then go right and pass the lower pearl, through and out the twin bead you just added.

DIY Ring TutorialDIY Ring Tutorial


Pull the thread.

DIY Ring Tutorial


Step 3:

Continue the weaving pattern until you have enough pearls and twin beads to fit your finger.









DIY Ring Tutorial



Step 4:

Now connect the pearls and twin beads to form a ring. You may have to pass through several pearls and twin beads to secure the ring.

DIY Ring TutorialDIY Ring Tutorial



You now have a ring band. Let’s create the facade of the ring.

DIY Ring Tutorial



Step 5:

Now follow the diagrams how to weave the facade of the ring. All you need to do is weave around from one side to the other. The beads shown in red is where your thread should come out to start each round.

DIY Ring Tutorial

DIY Ring Tutorial

DIY Ring Tutorial


Step 6:

Secure your threads when finished and voila!

DIY Ring TutorialDIY Ring Tutorial


Hope you like this short tutorial 🙂  Happy weekend!


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    11 Comments On “DIY Ring Tutorial”

    1. Hi, I love your ring, could you tell me where I can find a tutorial for the rest of the set?
      Thanks so much.


    2. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope to get to this over the weekend!


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    6. You did not mention the size of the pearls. I am imagining perhaps 3 or 4mm, comparing them to the size of the twin bead or superduo, but these are different sizes. Thank you. By the way, very cute ring. Thanks for the tutorial.


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