DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet

Hey all! It’s a new week and I want everyone to have a good start and so I prepared this tutorial for my DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet!


I created this cuff bracelet out of boredom one night when my internet connection was having a problem. The color idea – mint green and bronze combination,  I got from my friend Dana of Wind Dancer Studios. I got so bored and while waiting a design just popped and here it is 🙂


DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet


I created the cuff bracelet using 2-Needle Right Angle Weaving (RAW)  technique. This is suitable for beginners who wanted to explore other ways how to use and embellish a RAW stitch. Let’s begin 🙂


Materials Needed:
(the materials are clickable links so you don’t have a hard time searching where to buy 🙂 )

5mm black bicones

5mm crystal bicones

approx. 4.65mm to 5mm mint green pearls

8/0 bronze seed beads

bar clasp

4 calotte

4 crimp beads

tigertail or beading wire

beading thread


Tools Needed:


Flush cutter

Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers





Step 1:

Cut approximately 24 inches tigertail. Slide in a crimp bead and position at the center of the wire. Press the crimp bead with your flat nose pliers.

DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet 



Step 2:

Fold the tigertail and insert both ends into a calotte, up to where the crimp bead is.

DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet



Press the calotte to cover the crimp bead. Cut off excess wires and then attach onto the bar clasp. Use your round nose pliers to close the hook. Now, you have 2 tigerttails coming out of the calotte.

DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet 




Step 3:

Insert both wires into an 8/0 seed bead. Separate the wires and slide 2x 8/0 seed beads on each wire and then crossing into a 5mm black bicone. Now, you’re ready to create units of right angle weave.

DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet 



Step 4: 2-Needle Right Angle Weave (RAW)

Start with your 2-needle RAW. On your left wire you have 8/0, crystal bicone and 8/0 seed bead. On your right wire you have 8/0, black bicone and 8/0 seed bead and then cross both wires into a black bicone.


Continue weaving with the pattern until you have enough units of right angle weave. For a 6.5 inches cuff bracelet you need to weave 13 units of right angle weave.

DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet 



Step 5:

When you’re finished with the units of RAW, slide in 2×8/0 seed beads on both wires and then insert both wires into an 8/0, followed by a calotte and crimp bead. Push the last seed bead, calotte and crimp bead closer to the last unit of RAW and then press the crimp bead. Press the calotte to cover the crimp bead and then attached onto the bar clasp.

DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet




This is how it should like when finished. You have a strip of right angle weave.

DIY Beaded Cuff BraceletDIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet



Step 6:

Repeat Step 1 – 5 and create another strip of right angle weave.

DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet



Step 7:

Cut about 15 inches of beading thread. Secure your thread and on the right side of the strip pass the thread into several beads and bicones until you have your thread come out the 8/0 seed bead from the 1st unit of right angle weave.

DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet




Step 8:

Coming out of 8/0 from the right strip of RAW, continue weaving by sliding in a 5mm pearl.  Cross and go left. Pass the thread into the 8/0, black bicone and 8/0 seed bead from the 2nd unit on the left strip of RAW.

DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet 



Pulling the thread you are connecting the strips of right angle weaves.

DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet 



Step 9: 

Pick up another 5mm pearl. Cross and go right into 8/0 seed bead, black bicone and out the 8/0 seed bead on the 3rd unit from the right side.

DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet 



Repeat the zigzag weaving direction while sliding in a pearl until you have all the pearls attached and reached the last unit of RAW. Secure by making knots and cut off excess thread.

DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet



Step 10:

You would notice that one of the 8/0 seed beads shown in yellow circles is still not attached onto the pearl. You need to weave through it and pass the pearl again to keep the pearls at the center.



Flip your beadwork so you have the side of the strip on your right side where the 8/0 seed beads are still not attached. Cut another 15 inches beading thread. Repeat Step 7 – 9 and start weaving in zigzag direction, passing through the unattached 8/0 seed beads.

DIY Beaded Cuff Bracelet



Voila! You have your cuff bracelet! The longer version on this image was created using beading thread. The shorter version uses beading wire or tigertail.

beaded cuff bracelet


You can choose to use either beading thread or wire. The technique used to create the cuff bracelet is just the same. The only difference would be how to attach the bar clasp.


With the beading thread I did not use calotte and crimp beads, but just had my thread tied onto the clasp. The length may also differ because if you used a calotte it still add a few centimeters. With the beading thread I had the cuff bracelet at 6.75 inches while with the beading wire it was at 6.5 inches only.

beaded cuff bracelet 2



Anyways, I hope you had fun with this short tutorial 🙂 By the way, check out our DIY Beading Club Exclusive Deals at Fire Mountain Gems!




Happy beading!



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