DIY Leather Bracelets: Word Bands and Lashed Chains

Rings & Things is one of the popular online stores for finding jewelry making materials. Honestly, it’s one of those online stores that I often visit to look for unique designs for beads. Their DIY jewelry making projects are also interesting. Not the usual beading and wirework jewelries but they have that cool and funky style that makes me want to try each project, especially their leather inspired jewelries.
DIY Leather Bracelets


Leather isn’t that expensive and you can easily, and quickly create handmade jewelries with it. To some leather may not be that interesting but take a look at this.



These are Tim Holtz Word Bands. They are metal bands with inspirational quotes and by adding just a strip of leather…


Voila!  Beautiful piece of leather bracelet 🙂  I’m sure you want to see how so check out the TUTORIAL HERE!

DIY Leather Bracelets 2

DIY Leather Bracelets 3
Now for those who are not into metal jewelries but wanted to try a leather bracelet? Well, no problem. I, myself would love to try this 🙂 [showmyads]


Creating the Lashed Chain and Leather Bracelet involves weaving in and out the chains.

DIY Leather Bracelets 5DIY Leather Bracelets 4


DIY Leather Bracelets 6Pretty easy to do + simple knotting techniques so in no time, you’ll have a lovely piece of jewelry. Hmmm…would love to have these in different colors to match the colors of my shirts 🙂

Excellent tutorials and jewelry making ideas!




Rings & Things


Rings & Things TrollsAn interesting fact about Rings & Things…A team of designers now works at Rings & Things, writing tutorials and teaching new techniques, both online and at classes in their Showroom. For fun, they designed a ceramic bead that looks just like Russ, founder of Rings & Things — the “Russ Troll Bead”.


Read more about Rings & Things HERE


ipad 8We are excited to have Rings & Things design team on DIY Beading Magazine @iPad Issue 8. Check out HERE what their designers shared to make the issue exciting!

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