DIY Earrings: Beaded Drop Earrings

It’s wirework time and today, you’ll be making a simple DIY earrings with Heidi Kinally of Eat Breathe Design blog with her Beaded Drop Earrings!


DIY Earrings

I know you can’t wait so let’s start!



DIY EarringsDIY Earrings


DIY EarringsDIY Earrings



DIY EarringsDIY Earrings







Heidi Kinally of Eat Breath Design is a trained metalsmith and says her future as an artist was portended when at a young age she began purchasing jewelry to take apart and put back together to her liking. Growing up nurtured by a family of accomplished artists and musicians, now Heidi is jewelry designer and owner of HeidiLee Design.

Her designs includes hammered cuffs, riveted bracelet, stamped pendants and many more that displays classic familiarity and everyday ease that is appealing to both women and men. Rustic dangle earrings ranges from perfectly unadorned to earthy and bohemian, truly with soulful artistry and impeccable craftsmanship.

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