Circular Brickstitch Around a Ring: Iris Beaded Earrings

I was inspired by the flower Iris that I saw on TV last week. It was so  beautiful and I kind of liked the color. I thought it’s very unique to have flowers of blue and yellow 🙂



Iris flower from












I was so inspired that I created earrings of yellow and blue colors, the “Iris Beaded Earrings” 🙂

Creating the earrings uses Circular Brickstitch around a Ring technique and watching this video with Beadaholique can help you learn the basics but I will post pictoral images on how to create the Iris Beaded EarringsNow that you know the basics let’s learn how to create the Iris Beaded Earrings!First, I tied a 36-inch of thread onto the close ring.

I started with 2 seed beads.

Then 1 seed bead.

…and continued with 1 seed bead until I complete the round.

Here I have connected the last and 1st bead and closed the round.

Now I have my 1st round..

This is what the sides looks like. There are threads visible, connecting the beads and they are called “bridge.”

On the 1st round I then created a 2nd round. I picked up 2 beads and pass the thread under the bridge.

I added another bead and passed the thread under the bridge and repeatedly added 1 bead until I complete the round.

Now I have 2 rounds that I can design and embellish.

Using the same weaving technique, I used 8/0 blue beads for my 1st edge, but only weaving half of the round. Then I had yellow 11/0 for my 2nd edge.

…and my 3rd and 4th edges are 8/0 blue beads.

For my final edging, I used 5mm crystals and  in between are 11/0 seed beads.

After weaving the final edging I then weaved back through several beads until my thread is in a position to create the bail. I have added 7 pcs of yellow seed beads and simply created a loop where I can attach a jump ring and ear wire.

Repeat from start and voila!

As you weave you might arrive at a stage of your beadwork and often see that as you weave, big gaps between the beads. This is just normal because of the circumference and as the round or circle gets bigger more and more gaps will be seen.



On the published tutorial for Iris Beaded Earrings Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial l26 I have included tips how to adjust and use Increase and Decrease to create almost perfect rounds of beads 🙂

l26 Iris Beaded Earrings TutorialBuyPDF



Happy weekend!



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