Wire braiding tutorial: Crisscross Wire Beaded Bangle

One popular hair style for little girls is the braided hair. I know you used to braid your hair when you were kids and I bet now you braid your little girl’s hair. Let’s use that braiding technique and apply it on making jewelry with our wire braiding tutorial – Crisscross Wire Beaded Bangle!


Wire braiding tutorial


Materials Needed:

Some seed beads of different colour tone

3 pcs x 30cm x 0.4mm dia. Stainless steel wire

2 jump rings



Tools Needed:

Wire cutter

Flat nose or chain nose pliers




Step 1:

Cut 3 pcs. 30cm x 0.4mm dia stainless steel wire. Bring up 1 wire and wrap the end onto a jump ring about 2x.

Wire braiding tutorial 


Step 2:

Take the 2 other wires and wrap as you did on Step 1.

Wire braiding tutorial


Step 3:

String and fill the wire with seed beads – 1 color for each wire.

Wire braiding tutorial


Step 4:

Take a string and tie it onto the jump ring and then find a place or spot where you can hang and hold the jump ring. Now you have 3 wires with seed beads and we’ll name them purple, red and blue.

Wire braiding tutorial



Let’s get ready to braid.

Take the blue wire and pull to your left, placing it in between the red and purple wires.

Wire braiding tutorial


Step 5:

Take the red wire and cross it to your left like so, placing it under the purple wire.

Wire braiding tutorial


Then take the blue wire and cross it to your right and over the red wire.

Wire braiding tutorial



Step 6:

Take purple wire and cross it to your right and over the blue wire.

Wire braiding tutorial


Take the red wire and cross it to your right and over the purple wire.

Wire braiding tutorial


Step 7:

Repeat the weaving steps, alternating crossing it over each wire until you reach your desired length.

Wire braiding tutorial 


Wire braiding tutorial


Step 8:

Bring up your jump ring. Wrap each end of the wire onto the jump ring about 2x.

After wrapping cut off excess wire and press the ends of the wires with your flat nose pliers, making sure there are no sharp edges.

Wire braiding tutorial


Then open the jump ring and slide your clasp.

Wire braiding tutorial 


You’re done! You now have your crisscross wire beaded bangle..

Wire braiding tutorial 


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Easy and cute, isn’t it? Now, start playing with colorful beads. Explore and find other ways of using the wire braiding technique and come up with your own wire jewelry designs. 🙂



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