Free Jewelry Tutorials from Beaded Jewelry Diva

Yay! Yes, this post is about free jewelry tutorials from Beaded Jewelry Diva!



Gail Nettles is the diva behind Beaded Jewelry Diva. She’s a is a “certified bead-a-holic”, as well as a jewelry designer, instructor and crafter.   Indeed, a DIVA all rolled into one!


Aquamarine by Beaded Jewelry Diva



Gail got her start with handmade jewelry in the 1990s, and has worked with multiple techniques such as lampwork, wire work, metalsmithing, polymer clay, beading (in all its glorious forms), chain maille and multimedia.



Two Bead Embroidery Bracelets by Beaded Jewelry Diva



She also teaches jewelry making techniques.  She started with small (1 to 4 people) classes and then decided that the internet would help her reach a wider audience than just a local population of beaders.



Bead Embroidery with Fringework by Beaded Jewelry Diva



Gail then decided to create a website dedicated solely to jewelry making called

beaded jewelry diva


On her website you’ll find various tutorials that does not only show steps but with very, very good explanations on the basics of jewelry making. Check out these free basic tutorials that I know you’d love to learn 🙂


Chain Maille and Jump Rings PDF

free jewelry tutorials


Video Tutorial for Angle Earrings

free jewelry tutorials


Making Wrapped Loops and Eyepins

free jewelry tutorials


Check out more designs from her Gallery. You’ll also find a list of Jewelry Project Tutorials HERE


We’re happy to let you know that Gail is also a contributor on DIY Beading Magazine @iPad Issue 7. She contributed a detailed information of seed beads that you guys should read and learn. If you want to pursue your craft on beadweaving then the article by Gail Nettles is a must-read 🙂


Gail Nettles 300-288

Gail Nettles of Beaded Jewelry Diva


Read more about Gail HERE



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