DIY Wire Tutorial: Beaded Crisscross Spiral Bangle

Remember our DIY Wire Tutorial: Crisscross Wire Beaded Bangle?

diy wire tutorial


Today, we’re going to make a variation. Same braiding and crisscrossing technique but check this out! Omit the clasp and what can we do? Create spirals and voila! You’ll have a very stylish ending!


diy wire tutorial


Let’s begin 🙂


Step 1:

Cut 4 pcs. 30cm x 0.4mm dia stainless steel wire. Measure about 6cm from the tip of the wire and wrap a piece of masking or scotch tape to keep the 4 wires together.

diy wire tutorial


Step 2:

Slide in some seed beads in 2, 3 or maybe 4 different colour tones. In this tutorial we used orange and red 11/0 round seed beads.

diy wire tutorial


Step 4:

Bring 2 wires together and cross, bringing 1 side over the other. Take note of the braiding/crisscrossing pattern. Have the wires in pairs. The right side will be placed over the left side when you cross the wires.

diy wire tutorial


Step 5:

Keep crisscrossing the wires until you reach your desired length.

diy wire tutorial


Step 6:

Now, you’re about to end the bangle. You are getting ready to make a twist at the end of the seed beads to secure the position. Twist the pair of wires to keep to secure the seed beads.

diy wire tutorial


Step 7:

To allow similar size of spirals to be created at both end, trim the 4 remaining wires and leave about 6cm in length. Take 1 end of the wire and with your round nose pliers, make a loop.

diy wire tutorial


Continue to make a loop until you reach the seed beads.

diy wire tutorial



Step 8:

Repeat Step 7 and do the same for the rest of the wires. Position the spirals in your desired pattern.

diy wire tutorial


Step 9:

Take off the tape on the other end and repeat how you did the spiral. Shape the bangle using a mandrel or any rounded object and voila! You have your Beaded Crisscross Spiral Bangle!

diy wire tutorial


Nice, isn’t it? Create several bangles in different colors and give one to your friends 🙂 A cool idea is that you can also wear this on your ankle and have bangle anklet!

diy wire tutorial


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Happy jewelry making!





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