Free Beading Patterns, Pictures and Diagrams

I searched for some beading inspirations again. I found a few free beading patterns and diagrams that I myself would like to try and re-create. I hope my taste in design will pass your exquisite taste and style πŸ™‚


First, I found this cute beaded star at Pinterest πŸ™‚ Looks easy to make and even without any instructions, if you’ve done beadweaving before you can easily follow the pictoral step by step. Not sure who the author is but i think she did a great job!



beading patterns


This 2nd pictoral step by step I chose to share is the Beads Tile Bracelet I found at The pictures are kind of small but the design looks beautiful. A great idea how to use square shapes. You can even make a matching ring πŸ™‚

beading patterns


The Beads Tile Bracelet is created using Peyote Stitch. This is similar to how you would do a 3D Beaded Triangle I shared HERE before. To make a square shape you need to string the number of beads divisible by 4, numbers such as 16, 24 and 36 so that when you add your corner beads you’ll have 4 sides like that of a square. Maybe next time I’ll teach you how to make flat Peyote square πŸ™‚ If you’ve done 3D triangles with Peyote you can easily follow the pictoral steps HERE for Beads Tile Bracelet


I found this at a Russian website but don’t worry, the steps are in English LOL. The steps are shots, taken from magazine pages. If you zoom the images a bit you’ll be able to read the instructions. SEE TUTORIAL HERE


…and these I like πŸ™‚

beading patterns

I found these patterns from abalorios,net. They are brickstitch pattern for making earrings. We learned the basics of Increased Brickstitch HERE and Decreased Brickstitch HERE. You’ll be able to follow these diagrams for making earrings that you’ll find HERE



I hope to find more free beading patterns and diagrams to share the links to everyone so we can all compile free learning resources for jewelry making. If you have you have a free tutorial to share, check out this LINK on How to be a contributor πŸ™‚



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