DIY Leather Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

I saw how you guys loved the DIY Rope and Cord Bracelet Tutorials we featured last week. Well, I found another leather wrap bracelet tutorial for you to learn!



Leather Wrap Bracelet Tutorial by Anette of


leather wrap bracelet


leather wrap bracelet



I know how you guys will love the design and would like to learn how to create the bracelet. I am happy that Anette is sharing her tutorial with us 🙂  So, here is Anette’s gift for you!


For one bracelet you will need:

– about 2 meter leather cord size 2mm depending on how many times you want to wrap the bracelet around your wrist (2meter length will wrap around 4x – you could do a shorter or longer version by taking less or more length)

– 1.5 meter leather cord size 1mm 

6 meter leather cord size 1mm

– about 140 little beads with a large enough hole to thread onto your shorter 1mm leather cord piece.

optional a little jewelry button or something similar from the bead shop

You are free to choose different sizes of leather cord but make sure there is a thinner and a thicker cord and you are able to thread your beads onto the thinner one.


The right one is the version with no button. This bracelet will just close with a loop on one end and a knot on the other end.


Take your 2 meter long piece and fold it into half.

Take your 1.5 meter long piece and knot it around your loop as shown in picture 1.

leather wrap bracelet


You could now cut the short end or – if your bead holes are big enough – you can hide the end by threading it also into your first bead. So – Please pull up your first bead.


Now take your 6 meter piece cord and organize it into two equally long pieces. Don’t cut it! 


You could roll it into little balls for the beginning to make handling easier. Please take a look back to picture 3. You can see my two organized balls of leather. Mine were much longer than 3 meter each because at this point I had no idea of how much length I would need for a bracelet that long…

Place a knot right under your first bead.

leather wrap bracelet

Now start following closely and very slowly pictures 4 to 14. It is very important to carefully follow each single step.


In the beginning it’s very likely that you get confused with over and under. No problem if that happens. Just carefully pull it apart and start over with the second bead.


You always alternate braiding over and then at the next bead under the thin middle cord. It is very important to keep this alternating rhythm to secure the beads nicely in between the two thicker leather strings.

leather wrap braceletleather wrap bracelet


leather wrap braceletleather wrap bracelet


leather wrap braceletleather wrap bracelet



leather wrap braceletleather wrap bracelet


leather wrap braceletleather wrap bracelet



Can you see the always alternating moves?

You will quickly get the hang of it. It looks much more complicated than it really is!

Make sure you wrap the bracelet around your wrist from time to time to see how much more length you need.

leather wrap braceletleather wrap bracelet


For the ending fold one of your thin braiding ends to the middle and wrap the other one around all cords. Make the same knot you did in the beginning shown on picture 4.


Now take all endings and place a big overhand knot. Pull tight! Depending on the fit you could leave a little room and then do another knot and even another one as I did on the last picture.


If you use a button piece on the other end then this little room between the knots will be the place where to pull your button thru.

leather wrap braceletleather wrap bracelet


There you have it! Your leather wrap bracelet in 2 versions 🙂
leather wrap bracelet



Anette Wetzel-Grolle


Anette is a professional jewelry designer. Year 2011 she started the blog,  where she’s sharing lots and lots of DIYs and nature inspired jewelry designs. Thanks for this wonderful  DIY tutorial Anette 🙂 Cheers!


Meet Anette Wetzel-Grolle HERE



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