Beading Basics: How to increase in Brickstitch Tutorial

We’re back again to beading basics club members! Remember last week we did decrease in Brickstitch tutorial? Today, we’ll learn how to increase in Brickstitch with our beading basics Brickstitch Tutorial. I’ll be showing you the steps in diagrams and I suggest you follow using seed beads.


Increase in Brickstitch


Step 1:

Start with 3 beads. Pass the thread through the 1st bead and form a triangle. You can make a knot or you can pass the thread through the 3 beads several times to secure the thread.

Brickstitch Tutorial


Now just like in decrease brickstitch, you’ll see that threads are visible and on this diagram is shown by the blue line. We will call this visible thread “bridges.” Now we’re ready to add another row of brickstitch.

Brickstitch Tutorial



Step 2:

To add rows of brickstitch we always start with 2 beads. Pick up 2 beads. Pass the thread under the “bridge” and as you pull, pass the thread back up the 2nd new bead added. Pull the thread.

Brickstitch Tutorial



Step 3:

Finish the row by picking up another bead. Pass the thread under the “bridge” again and as you pull, pass the thread back through the bead you just added. Finally, pull the thread.

Brickstitch Tutorial


Now, you’ll see that there are 2 bridges of threads.

Brickstitch Tutorial



Step 4:

Start another row. Pick up 2 beads and pass the thread under the 1st bridge. As you pull pass the thread back through the 2nd new bead added.

Brickstitch Tutorial



Pick up a bead again and pass the thread under the next bridge then through the bead added and pull.

Brickstitch Tutorial




Step 5:

Finish your row by picking up a bead and passing the thread under the same bridge again as that of the previous bead. Repeat the same weaving pattern until you reach your desired length or size of increase brickstitch.

Brickstitch Tutorial


With the steps you learned, did you see the difference between decrease brickstitch and increase brickstitch? The difference is on how you start a row.  SEE THE DIAGRAMS


Decrease Brickstitch

Brickstitch Tutorial


Increase Brickstitch

Brickstitch Tutorial


Now, check this out!


This video tutorial by Beading4perfectionists has lots of increase and decrease brickstitches. The brickstitch also has an owl pattern that looks really cute ) Try it because practice makes perfect!






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