Handmade Jewelry Making Video Tutorials

As you all know guys, Handmade-Jewelry-Club has started to produce handmade jewelry making video tutorials. Some of our video tutorials are done with slides and some were taken live, where you’ll see Jane Chew aka XQDesigns in action. There were already a few that we have posted on our Youtube channel so check us out and subscribe to Jewelry Making TV by Handmade Jewelry Club.


Along with our video tutorials, we also feature great artists so check out these new handmade jewelry making video tutorials we’ve gathered for you 🙂



 Blue Daisy Earrings Wire Jewelry Video Tutorial


How to make Rosy Dangling Earrings (Wire Jewelry Making Video Tutorial)


Beading4perfectionists : Netted bracelet with 6mm Swarovsk and seedbeads beading tutorial

Jewelry Making Video Tutorials


Beaded Cupcake 3D Beading Tutorial by HoneyBeads (Video tutorial)

Jewelry Making Video Tutorials


Beading4perfectionists Tree of life pendant basic wire tutorial

Jewelry Making Video Tutorials



If you want a printed instructions for Rosy Dangling Earrings CLICK THIS LINK to purchase.





For Blue Daisy Hoops Earrings CLICK THIS LINK


I3 Blue Daisy wire jewelry tutorial



Happy jewelry making!



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I am a self-taught beadweaver who loves to learn and share her knowledge on jewelry making through blogging and published tutorials you'll find at DIY Beading Club.com

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    1. excelentes bordados mil gracias y bendiciones


      • Hi!

        Love your tutorials, and the porridge is just right! Ha! Ha!

        The one with the Rose on top is so Victorian, and easy on the eyes! I’ll definitely try some of your tuts.!



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