DIY Wire Jewelry Video Tutorial

Hey club members! We are on the roll making video tutorials and so we’ve got another DIY wire jewelry video tutorial for you!


Drops of Honey Hoop Earrings

Wire Jewelry Video Tutorial


Drops of Honey Hoop Earrings tutorial will teach you how to create your own hoop earrings using simple wirework techniques. Wire wrapping is a popular wirework technique and this tutorial will teach you how to wire wrap with seed beads. With this particular design, it gives the freedom to choose how many seed beads you’d like to string and wrap. In creating the earrings there is no specific suggestion as to how many seed beads are needed to string and wrap. You may choose to string as many as you like. The number of seed beads stringed will increase the number of wraps and therefore, will create a different variation.


Materials & tools needed:
11/0 seed beads
teardrop beads
20ga copper wire
28ga copper wire
Mandrel or any rounded object
Wire cutter
Round Nose pliers
Flat Nose pliers


If you like a Printer-friendly PDF copy for the Drops of Honey Hoop Earrings you can purchase the tutorial at The tutorial is catered for beginners or anyone who loves to learn this wirework technique. It has in-depth instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step.


Wire Jewelry Video TutorialWire Jewelry Video TutorialWire Jewelry Video Tutorial

Wire Jewelry Video Tutorial



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