DIY Rope and Cord Bracelet Tutorials

As I was searching for new tutorials from my favorite DIYers and bloggers rope inspired jewelries just fascinate me. They’re inexpensive, looks cool and casual with modern outfits. Creating rope jewelries does not need any special skill, which is perfect for non-beaders and non-wireworkers. They’re great inspirations for anyone who just love creating their own accessories. Here are some of the DIY Rope and Cord Bracelet Tutorials I have chosen for you )


Let’s try plain rope weaving with sideboats & scribbles’ DIY rope bracelet tutorial!

Rope and Cord Bracelet Tutorials


Very clever idea! The material used just came from a paper bag.ย  Nice one Lisa Spangler!

Rope and Cord Bracelet Tutorials



Another one from Honestly…WTF – Gold Tube Bracelets! (Yay! I know I have noodle tubes somewhere in my stash and I’ve got to find them soon!)




Of course, who would want to miss hemp cord tutorials? Try this one from Happy Hour Projects by Andrianne – Layered Wish Bracelet!

Rope and Cord Bracelet Tutorials


Now, this from I soooo want to try. The tutorial does not have any instructions but the pictures can clearly tell the steps. There’s no materials list too, but this can be done in leather and plastic cords. I want to try it in plastic cords so the loops will keep its shape ๐Ÿ™‚

Rope and Cord Bracelet Tutorials


Hope you like these shared rope and cord bracelet tutorials. It sure did inspire me and I same goes for everyone, too ๐Ÿ™‚ Share your thoughts! Maybe you have your own rope and cord bracelet tutorials. Share them and inspire others too. Ciao!



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    1. That last project is copied from a company called Creativ Company. You can find the original instructions here:

      You should check them out, they’ve got lots of jewellery instructions, craft projects and how-tos for the basic jewellery/bead techniques.


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    3. Love learning new ways to beading. Thanks Julie


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