Wire Jewelry Tutorial: A fishy tail tutorial!

Hi everyone! I wasn’t feeling okay yesterday. I was suppose to finish a beaded earring and have the steps posted today but nope, couldn’t do it. My gastritis is attacking again and it hurts really bad…I’m feeling a little better now. I’m on meds but still couldn’t do much work :( Because of this I might have to skip my beaded earring for awhile and hope to fill your day with something interesting, the fishy tail tutorial as our Wire Jewelry Tutorial today!


Wire Jewelry Tutorial


I love fish :) It’s my favorite dish. I like it more than meat and chicken. It’s amazing our friend Linda Jones of WireWorkers Guild came up with fun designs of wire fishes :)


Wire Jewelry Tutorial


You can use your wire fishes as charms on key chains, pendants or earrings.

Wire Jewelry Tutorial



Some of Linda’s wire fishes she used as decorations. Let’s see how we can create the wire fish.

Wire Jewelry Tutorial




The fish’s body is composed of a wire frame.

Wire Jewelry Tutorial


Another wire is used to create the fins.

Wire Jewelry Tutorial



Using a bead, wrap and create an eye and then make lots of loops to cover the frame that will look like scales.

Wire Jewelry Tutorial


Voila! You have a cute little fish!

Wire Jewelry Tutorial



Look at how many variations you can make!

Wire Jewelry Tutorial


Try it yourself! Visit Linda’s “A Fishy Tail” tutorial for the complete and detailed steps. Have fun cooking your wire fishes :)



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9 thoughts on “Wire Jewelry Tutorial: A fishy tail tutorial!

  1. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, but hope you’ll be feeling good soon. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the fish tutorial this morning….I’m not much on wire wrapping but this inspired me.

  2. Thank you Louise Traylor, Esther L Haskell and Ali for your kind words :) Yes, I’m feeling a little better now. I’m still on medication and has to eat in small portions. Making jewelries help to forget stomach pains. :)

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