Polish up your wirework skills with DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial!


Learn to bead wrap and create tear drop shape earring frames. With this particular DIY wire jewelry tutorial, you’ll get to use tear drops and glass pearl beads. You will also use flower clay beads and you’ll be surprised you’ll come up with a beautiful ear stud. This tutorial will also give you tips on using chains for making dangles.


DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial


Materials Needed:

0.7mm (21ga) copper wire
0.3mm (28ga) copper wire
22 x 0.5cm in diameter glass pearl beads
2 x approx. 1.5cm in length tear drop beads
1 x approx 2.3cm in diameter clay rose flower (adjust accordingly based on preference)
2 x 5cm in length chains measuring (ensure chain with tiny loops that can get thru loops 0.5cm)


Step 1:

Cut 6.5cm (approx 2.55 inches) 0.7mm (21ga) copper wire.Bend the wire and form a big loop making sure your 1.5cm tear drop bead will fit. On this image a pliers’ handle is used to shape the wire.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial


This is how it should look like. The ends of the wire are crossing each other.

Wire Jewelry Tutorial



Step 2:

Grip 1 end of the wire with a round nose pliers. Turn your round nose pliers and make a loop with 0.5mm inner diameter.

Tip: If you prefer to make bigger loops, just move the pliers downward that have bigger diameter.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial


Do the same for the other end.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial


Open one loop and hook it onto the other loop. Then place the tear drop bead just so to see if the bead fits inside the earring frame. You can adjust the shape by pulling the bottom of the frame downward to create a better oval shape.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial



Step 3:

Cut 30cm (approx 11.80 inches) 0.3mm (28ga) copper wire.  Leave approximately 1 inch of wire, take 1 end of the wire and wrap onto the earring frame at least 3 times. You are getting ready to wire wrap the frame. Throughout this process, you can open up the frame where the loops are so that it is easier for you to wrap the frame with the thin wire.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial


After wrapping, bend the wire to 90 degree where the height of the wire from the bend is the same height with the hole of the glass bead.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial


Then slide in a glass pearl bead.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial



Wrap the wire again 2 times to secure the glass pearl bead.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial



Step 4:

Slide in another glass pearl bead and wrap the wire 2 times. Continue wrapping glass pearl beads around the earring frame. Secure the wires by cutting any excess and pressing the ends with a flat nose pliers to ensure there are no sharp edges.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial



Step 5:

Cut another piece of 0.3mm (28ga) copper wire Wrap one end onto the earring frame, just below the 1st glass pearl bead.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads


Slide in your tear drop bead. Bring the loops together and wrap the other end of the wire. Wrap the other end firmly to keep the oval shape of the earring frame.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial



Cut off any excess wires.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial





Step 6:

Cut 4.5cm (approx 1.80 inches) 0.7mm (21ga) copper wire. Take your flower clay and insert the wire and bend 1 end of the wire like so.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial


Using your round pliers make a loop with the bent wire.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial


Bend the extended wire flat on the flower clay’s edge and then continue to bend the wire across the flower clay.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial


Finally, bend the wire at the center.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial


The final bend will serve as your earring stud.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial



Step 7:

Take your chains and pass through the loops on the earring frame. Open the loop on the flower clay and hook the ends of the chain. Repeat from start and create a pair.

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial


Voila! Hope you like it and thanks to XQDesigns for sharing her DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial Rosy Dangling Earrings!

DIY Wire Jewelry Tutorial


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