DIY Ways of bezeling cabochons tutorials

Today we’ll feature various DIY Ways of bezeling cabochons!


Wire wrapping and beading are 2 popular techniques and widely used for bezeling cabochons. Though not as widely used as beading and wire wrapping, crochet wire and viking knit can also be used to bezel cabochons. You’ll also be amazed that you can use chain maille technique. Others may not find beading or wirework easy so I searched for free tutorials on different ways how to bezel cabochons.  With these featured tutorials you’ll have ideas and learn other techniques you may find easier for you. 🙂


Let’s try chain maille!

Lorraine at M.A.I.L. combined European 4-in1 and European 6-in-1 to bezel a 12mm x 16mm cabochon.

bezeling cabochons


With a strip of chain maille, SEE HERE how you can link and capture a cabochon. This technique can also be used on any size and round shaped cabochons.

bezeling cabochons


Next, let’s take a long at Viking Weave technique. Just like chain maille this technique is not widely used for bezeling cabochons.

bezeling cabochons


Viking Weave uses a tool to create the weaves, but on this video tutorial, Camille Sharon is showing how to bezel a cabochon with Viking Weave without any tool. Looking closely at the a viking weave, the loops look similar to crochet wire and the technique can be simply called as making loops.


Under beading, Bead Embroidery is more used than chain maille and viking weave technique for bezeling cabochons.

bezeling cabochons


Bead embroidery is a fun technique, especially for beading beginner students who wanted to try bezeling. The technique requires simple stitching and lining up of beads as you sew them onto a cloth/foundation.


How to Backstitch in Bead Embroidery video tutorial by Beadaholique

bezeling cabochons


How to Create a Bezel Row in Bead Embroidery video tutorial by Beadaholique

bezeling cabochons



Learn more about bead emboidery, bezeling cabochons on Part 3 and Part 4.


Now, let’s try the popular techniques for beading tutorial for bezeling cabochon using Right Angle Weaving and Peyote StitchTechnique. This is a basic tutorial and from here, you can start to embellish your beaded bezel cabochon

bezeling cabochons



Wire wrapping is a popular technique and here’s one on Lesson – braiding cabochon from m-oceana

bezeling cabochons


I hope you learned from these featured tutorials. Use your creativity and explore the techniques and you’ll find other ways of bezeling cabochons.





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