DIY Macrame’ Bangle Bracelet Tutorial

As I was searching for new talents, new blogs, new tutorials and inspirations for making handmade jewelries I received a message about this new site, Knots and Sparklez, owned by a budding macrame’ artist and you’ll be meeting her with her DIY Macrame: Bangle Bracelet Tutorial.


Vicky Lorenzi

Vicky Lorenzi


Well actually, Vicky is not new to handmade jewelry making.She came from a family where crafts are an integral part of daily activities. Since childhood she’s been into crafts. She sew, knit, crochet, did embroidery and of course, macrame’.


She explored more about macrame’ 1 1/2 years ago and now, with her new website, she’s come out and is now creating her own designs.


Take a look at her 1st shared tutorial, DIY Macrame: Bangle Bracelet Tutorial! To guide you with how to make the knots used in this tutorial, you can refer to Basic Macrame’ Knots by Dottie Hoeschen




C-Lon nylon cord – 1 strand about 5 ½ ft long (this is your working cord)
1 strand about 1 ft long (this is the cord for the centerpiece)
(1) open ended circular memory wire for bracelets (mine was 7 ½ inches)
(1) x 6mm crystal bicone
(2) x Size 6 seeds COLOR B
(4) x rectangular 6x4mm glass bugles
(26) x Size 11 seeds – about ¼ g
(28) x Size 6 seeds COLOR A
(26) x 4mm crystal bicones
Disposable Plastic Cup


Step 1:

First anchor the memory wire to the disposable plastic cup with head pins, all the way around. Pin alternating left and right of the wire. This will keep it from sliding down. (You may have to unpin and re-pin as you work.) The 1st pic shows how I anchored the bangle to the cup. I hold the cup with my knees as I work but you may choose an alternate method like duct taping it to any work surface you see fit.



Step 2:

Take the 5 ½ ft cord, find the middle of it and pass under the wire, knot a Square Knot around the wire, make sure the 2 cords you now have are of the same length; if not, adjust, tighten the knot and tie a second Square Knot.



Step 3:

String 1 x size 6 seed bead color A on each cord then knot 2 more Square Knots. Now string 1 x 4mm crystal bicone on each cord the same way you did with the beads and tie 2 more Square Knots. Keep knots uniform and all in the same direction, so your work will look even. Keep alternating the size 6 beads and the bicones, separated by 2 Square Knots until you reach about the middle of your memory wire. My wire was about 7 ½ inches and it required 6 sections of crystals and 7 sections of beads on each side.



Step 4:

When you have worked enough sections to reach almost the middle, add the last 2 beads then tie only 1 Square Knot. (See where I placed arrow.) It is time now to add the second cord you will use to knot the central flower. Pass it under the wire at its center and tie 1 Square Knot. You now have your 2 Square Knots.

DIY Macrame', tutorialDIY Macrame', tutorial


Step 5:

Your new cord (1 ft) will be now your anchor (on which you knot) and your old cord (5 ½ ft) will be your working cord (the one use to make knots). Using your working cord tie a Vertical Lark’s Head Knot onto your anchor cord, then repeat on the other side. Your working cords should point outward.

DIY Macrame', tutorialDIY Macrame', tutorial


Step 6:

String 6 x size 11 seed beads on your working cord and 1 x rectangular 6×4 mm bugle on your anchor cord. Tie another vertical Lark’s Head Knot onto your anchor cord. String 1 x size 11 seed bead on your anchor cord and tie another vertical Lark’s Head knot with working cord. String another 6 x size11 seed beads on your working cord and 1 x rectangular 6×4 mm bugle on your anchor cord, then tie another vertical Lark’s Head knot onto your anchor cord to close the section. Repeat on the right side following the same steps. Pin your work as you go to keep it steady.

DIY Macrame', tutorialDIY Macrame', tutorial


Step 7:

Slide 1 x Size 6 seed bead COLOR B, 1 x 6mm bicone, and 1 x Size 6 seed bead COLOR B onto the wire and push all the way till the center of your work, if need anchor with pins. To close the 2 sections you will now use your WORKING CORDS (5 ½ ft) to tie a Square Knot onto the wire right under the last Size 6 seed bead. The 2 anchor cords should be hidden inside the knot along with the wire.

DIY Macrame'DIY Macrame'


Step 8:

Now disregard the 2 hidden cords and continue working with the working cords (5 ½ ft). Insert 1 x Size 6 seed bead on each cord and tie 2 Square Knots. Continue with the same pattern of alternating the seed beads with the crystals separated by 2 Square Knots as previously. Continue to the end of the wire.

DIY Macrame'DIY Macrame'


Step 9:

Once to the end of the wire you will have to end with 2 tight Square Knots. Then you can either slide the cords through the back of the knot with a tapestry needle, then glue and cut as short as you can, or just tie a tight overhand knot in the back to bring the cords together then apply a dot or two of glue. Let dry and cut cords as short as possible. Repeat process for the cords we disregarded previously at the end of the centerpiece. Tie an overhand knot in the back then apply glue and cut excess cords.

DIY Macrame'


There you go! Your Bangle Bracelet 🙂 You can also download a PDF file from Knots and Sparklez 🙂


Explore more of Knots and Sparklez macrame’ creations on Etsy and Storenvy. You can also join Vicky and meet new friends on her Facebook Fanpage


Hope you like this shared tutorial! Thanks Vicky 🙂 And see you again on our next featured artist. Join our Pinterest Contributor’s Board if you like to share your tutorial 🙂



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