DIY Beading 3D Beaded Triangle Earrings Tutorial

Remember I shared to you before how to bead flat triangles? Now, we’re going to making it 3D with DIY Beading 3D Beaded Triangle Earrings Tutorial!


DIY Beading


I created the earrings last week. I had so much fun that I wanted to share to everyone the how-to steps. If you haven’t tried Peyote Stitch this BASIC TUTORIAL can help. You can also visit this TUTORIAL FOR MAKING FLAT TRIANGLES


Step 1:

String 18 seed beads and form a circle by passing the thread back thru the 1st bead. Position the beads at the center of the thread.



Step 2: Peyote Stitch

Do a Peyote Stitch. Pick up a bead, skip the 2nd bead shown in circle and pass thru the 3rd bead. Repeat this step 8 times until you complete the circle and your thread is coming out of the 1st bead again.


After completing the round your beadwork should be at this stage. Your thread is coming out a down bead in red circle.



Step 3: Step up

Perform a “step up” so your thread is in position to start another round. To do “step up” simply pass the thread into the next “up bead” shown in circle without adding a bead.



Step 4: Weaving corner beads

After “step up” string 2 beads, skip a bead and pass the next bead. Pull the thread. The red circle shows the 2 beads added.  As triangles has 3 corners this will be 1 corner beads.



Step 5: Weaving your side beads

Create your side beads by weaving Peyote Stitch 2x. Circles shows your corner beads, 1st & 2nd beads added.



Step 6:

Continue weaving your corner beads and side beads until you reach your desired width and pattern. For my triangle I added some white beads.





Step 7:

I have now reached my desired width for my triangle and will weave my final round to add a point row. This time pick up 1 bead for the corner beads as your point row.



Then add your side beads.



Here I have completed my final round. At this stage, this looks like a flat triangle. Pass the thread back thru several beads, tie knots and cut off excess thread.




Step 8:

To make the triangle 3D, flip your beadwork like so and prepare to weave the other side.



Repeat the same pattern how you weave the 1st side, but this time omit weaving the final round with the point row.



This is how it should look like on side view. You are now ready to zip up your beaded triangle and make it 3D.



Step 9:

After your “step up” weave in zigzag direction. Pass the thread into your point row.



Then come down and weave in zigzag direction. Pass the thread into a corner bead. (See arrow direction.)



Pull the thread tight and you should see that both sides of the triangle are now sharing 1 point row.



Step 10:

Now zip up the side beads. Weave in zigzag direction.



This is how it should look like after zipping up. Continue weaving in zigzag direction, going all the way around, zipping up your corner beads, and point row, and side beads. When finished zipping up secure the thread.



Voila! Your 3D beaded triangle. You can use this as charms and pendants or component for bracelets and necklaces.



Hope you learned something today with my shared tutorial 🙂 Use the techniques and make 3D beaded triangles in different colors and patterns!



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