Beading Tutorial: Fiesta Banderitas Necklace

May is an exciting month in my hometown!  This is the Fiesta and Pahiyas season and two more days to go and it’s Fiesta time! I went out the other day and wow! The streets are now filled with colorful banderitas! I was so excited I was able to come up with a new beading tutorial!



In my hometown when you see banderitas hanging it means it’s a Fiesta celebration. The streets are now filled with happy people and a lot of interesting stuffs you can buy. It’s such a joy to get to experience this upcoming event. Many awaits for the Fiesta!


I was inspired by the these colorful banderitas I saw the other day at the center of the town where the main events of the Fiesta celebration will be happening. I am so excited I created a fiesta inspired necklace, Fiesta Banderitas Necklace!


Beading Tutorial


I used beaded flat triangles in creating the piece. The necklace is a tiger tail covered with black seed beads, ending the necklace with a clasp and crimp beads.


Beading Tutorial


How do you like it? It is so timely I was invited at fiesta party tomorrow. I’ll wear the necklace 🙂


I have created a tutorial for the Fiesta Banderitas Necklace and it’s now available at DIY Creating the necklace requires basic knowledge of beading flat triangles. The tutorial also includes the steps how to create the bail and construct the necklace.

l22 Fiesta Banderitas Necklace Beading Tutorial


You can also create your own beaded flat triangles! If you like to learn basic beaded flat triangles you can DOWNLOAD HERE

Beading Tutorial


Happy beading!



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