Beading Basics: How to decrease in Brickstitch Tutorial

Last week a client sent me a message asking help how to do brickstitch weaving technique, particularly decreasing in brickstitch.  I did give her brief descriptions and a quick tutorial but I thought, why not make a post about it and help others too who are still wondering how to decrease in brickstitch. So today, we’ll be back to beading basics brickstitch tutorial. I’ll be showing you the steps in diagrams but I suggest, if you choose to follow do it with the beads. You can use whatever size of beads just for the purpose of following the steps. Here goes…


Decrease in Brickstitch


Step 1:

Increasing Brickstitch starts with a Ladder Stitch as its base. Pick up 2 beads and pass the thread into the beads 2x in circular motion, (in the diagram it’s showing clockwise) ending and coming out of the 2nd bead.

Beadng Basics Brickstitch Tutorial


Build your ladder stitch. Pick up 1 bead. This time going counter-clockwise pass the thread into the previous bead and come out the new bead added.

Beadng Basics Brickstitch Tutorial


Add your 4th bead. Going in clockwise direction pass through the previous bead (3rd bead) and come out again the new bead added.

Beadng Basics Brickstitch Tutorial


Now keep building your ladder stitch until you reach the desired number of your base. In this diagram I have 7 beads. Looking at your beadwork you will see threads are visible and we will call them “bridge.”

Beadng Basics Brickstitch Tutorial


Step 2:

We are going to weave the 2nd row and this is where you start a decreased brickstitch. Pick up 2 beads. Pass the thread under the 2nd bridge (shown in blue lines) and then come back up the 2nd new bead added.

Beadng Basics Brickstitch Tutorial


Step 3:

Continue your brickstitch. Pick up a bead. Pass the thread under the next bridge and come back up and out the new added bead.

Beadng Basics Brickstitch Tutorial


Repeat Step 3, adding 1 bead until you reach the end of the row.

Beadng Basics Brickstitch Tutorial


Step 4:

On this diagram you have reached the end of the 2nd row and you’re adding your 3rd row. Repeat Step 2, starting a row with 2 beads, but this time weave going to your right, You may flip your beadwork if it seems easier for you.

Beadng Basics Brickstitch Tutorial


Then finish your 3rd row by adding 1 bead at a time. Keep building your brickstitch going back and forth and you will notice you are building a pyramid with a decrease in the number of beads for every row.

Beadng Basics Brickstitch TutorialBeadng Basics Brickstitch Tutorial




Step 5:

Let’s say you are about to finish your brickstitch. On this diagram you have added your 2 beads and you’re ready to add your last bead.

Beadng Basics Brickstitch Tutorial


To finish your brickstitch simply add the last bead and then pass the thread through several beads to secure the thread. You can also make knots.

Beadng Basics Brickstitch Tutorial


…and there you have it. Your decrease brickstitch weave.


Here’s a simple jewelry making idea using decreasing technique in brickstitch.

Beadng Basics Brickstitch Tutorial


Using 8/0 round seed beads I did 2 separate flat decreasing brickstitch and joined them together with rectangular beads. Hooked a jump ring onto the top bead and attached ear wires. That’s it! As simple as 1, 2, 3 🙂

Beadng Basics Brickstitch Tutorial


Hope you like this short beading basics tutorial. Next time I’ll show you how to do increase brickstitch 🙂 Ciao!



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