Learn to make resin jewellery by Fran Valera

Giving gifts and receiving gifts is both a pleasure. When we receive gifts we feel happy and thankful and when we give gifts, we feel the same way, especially if the person is a special someone. Though it takes time and effort to find a special gift for someone for his or her special occasion, still we feel happy. Actually, we feel excited and we want to give the most unique gift we could find.  Learning how to make resin jewelries is one of the best ways for a unique personalized gift idea so let’s learn to make resin jewellery by Fran Valera.


by little-windows.com

Learn to make resin jewellery


Resin a medium that you can mold. It hardens and protect surface, giving a shiny, glass-like and smooth effect. With resin jewelry you can keep precious moments of your childhood and bring them along with you anywhere.


Using molders you can create them into different shapes and use different prints you like.

Learn to make resin jewellery


Learn to make resin jewellery



Fran Valera is the brilliant idea behind little-windows.com’s Brilliant Resin. It all just began with wanting to share her digital pictures, but little-windows has grown and the pave the way to create everything, from beads to buttons and more!


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Why not learn how to make Bendy Rings with Fran. Use your own photo and let Mom cherish your childhood.

Learn to make resin jewellery


Amazing idea isn’t it! Watch more video tutorials and learn great ideas how to make resin jewelries with little-windows.com.


Thank you, Fran for letting us peek through your little windows of great and fun ideas for making resin jewelries!


Meet Frances Valera HERE


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