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About 2 years ago when I first saw this idea of making jewelries I’ve been meaning to try it. I wasn’t resourceful enough during that time and so time and effort didn’t permit me to try the technique. Time passed and forgot about it but now, this time I’m really, really going to try it! I am hoping to put up a personalized jewelry making business at home and the technique by Lisa Niven Kelly of, I know will be something that everyone would love to have.

Yes, guys! It’s metal stamping 🙂 Making jewelries with letters and images, stamped on a piece of metal, forever is just perfect!




Aside from personalized jewelry I think it is also an expression of what you want to say, maybe to a person if you’re giving it as a gift or simply just express your happy thoughts.


You can have your name and add different shapes like hearts, flowers and stars, just like when you’re doodling but on a piece of metal.



Nice and great jewelry making idea, isn’t it?


Now, it’s not just all about stamping where you get a hammer and block and then pound. With this video tutorial created by Lisa Niven Kelly, she’ll teach you all the basics you need to know about metal stamping, including basic tools, tips and tricks for starters. I’ve watched the video and I tell you guys, you’ll learn a lot. It’ll soon be Mother’s Day so make one for your mom and mom-in-law!





Lisa Niven Kelly, founder and creator of



Lisa Niven Kelly, Author – Stamped Metal Jewelry


Meet Lisa Niven Kelly HERE


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