DIY Wre Jewelry Making: How to make dangling necklace

What a stunning necklace!!! I had created 3 videos that show you how to make this necklace using basic jewelry making techniques.


With a 3-part video tutorial you’ll learn 3 basic wirework techniques, which are essential in making wire jewellery. You can apply these techniques on all your jewelry making projects, be it making earrings, bracelets, pendants and more.

Materials Needed:

8 x 1.2cm in length teardrop bead

13 x 0.8cm rondelles

8 x 0.6cm rondelles

16 x 0.4cm rondelles

Jump rings


2 x 13cm chain extensions

Tools Needed:

Wire cutter

Round Nose pliers

Chain Nose pliers


Part 1 – How to make loops

In this video, you’re going to use 22ga wire and the rondelles.



Part 2 – How to wire wrap a teardrop bead

In this video, you’re going to use 5cm of 22ga wire and the teardrop beads.



Part 3 -How to open & close jump rings and link or connect

In this video, you’re going to use jump rings and a pair of chain nose of pliers.


Once you have all the beads linked and connected you can now connect the chain extensions and attach the clasp.



The techniques are so simple but you’ll see how stunning the necklace came out to be!

With these 3 basic wirework techniques you’ve learned you can now come up with your own idea for making wire jewellery. Make variations of the necklace. Choose your favorite color of beads and maybe, create one that will also symbolize your family. This is a perfect gift for your mother and mother-in-law. I’m sure they will love it!

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