We’re going to play with some spacer bars today!


Spacer bars are metal jewelry findings used for making multi-strand necklaces and bracelets.

Using spacer bars separates the strands apart giving a necklace or bracelet a clean look. Here are a few spacer. Below are a few spacer bar designs you’ll find in the market.



by www.geminidreamsbeads.com


by www.beadbubble.com



by www.beaddelighted.co.uk





But we are going to play with a spacer bar that looks like a butterfly! Lucky XQDesigns found these sparkling spacer bar babies :)



Now, let’s begin! Watch the video tutorial how to make the Sparking Spacer Bar Bangle! The steps and images below will help you understand more how to make the bangle :)




Cut 2pcs 8 inches 20ga wire. Take one 8 inches 20ga wire and bend the wire at 0.8cm mark from the tip of the wire. Using your round nose pliers, make a loop. Do the same for the other 8 inches 20ga wire.



Slide in 2 round pearls on each wire then a spacer bar. This will be the pattern.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads


Repeat the pattern until you reach your desired length.



After reaching your desired length make a loop again on the other end.



Shape your bangle and then attach the clasp.





Voila! Your Sparking Spacer Bar Bangle :)




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