DIY Wire Jewelry Making Tutorials

It’s been awhile since we featured wire jewelry tutorials from various artists, DIYers and bloggers. I love DIY wire jewelry making tutorials. They are inspirations and it’s amazing how a simple design can make me say, “hey, why didn’t I think of that?!” Well, one inspiration can come from a few more other inspirations and sharing these inspirations can lead to more and more inspirations! I am more of a beader, but I really enjoy the fun and beautiful things you can do with wires. I’m sure we can all can pick up something, maybe, a tip or an idea from these featured amazing wire jewelry making tutorials 🙂


For those who love wire wrapping you’ll never want to miss this simple tutorial for making wire leaves. They’re super cute as earrings!


Birch Leaf Earrings by Wire – Sculpture


This topaz pendant is by Gloria of Positively Diva. She called it sunburst. Why? See how the crystals surrounding the topaz are like rays of the sun? With Gloria’s tutorial you’ll also learn how to bezel.


Topaz Sunburst Pendant


This next tutorial needs Google Translate, but I find the step by step images are clear enough to understand. Beginners might not be able to follow through but definitely, you can also give it a shot and challenge your wirework skill 🙂


Wire Earrings Tutorial by Cleo-design




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Happy jewelry making!



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