DIY: How to bead flat triangles

Beading flat triangles are fun! You can turn your triangles into earrings like this beaded triangle I did πŸ™‚ Play with colors and you can create patterns of beaded triangles. Make your triangles big and you can use them as pendants!

beaded triangle 1






I recently learned how to bead flat triangles and they’re easy, even for beginners. I have a lot of designs in my mind using flat triangles but I wish I have all the time to bead LOL. Anyways, I’d like to share to you what I have learned on how to bead flat triangles.


First, I suggest that you use cylinder beads as it gives a more pointed effect, rather than using round seed beads. You can still use round beads and using even tension, you can create an almost perfect beadwork.


Let’s start!



Cut an arm span of thread and slide in 3 beads. Form a triangle by passing the thread back through the 1st bead. Pull the thread.


You have 3 sides and 3 corners, similar to a triangle shape. There are 2 things to remember when you’re beading a triangle. For corners, you need to string 2 beads and for the sides you need to string 1 bead at a time.


Now you need to add your 1st corner. Slide in 2 beads (shown in blue) and pass the thread into the next side bead.

You reach again a 2nd corner so slide in 2 seed beads and pass the thread into the next side bead.



You’re now in your 3rd corner. Slide in 2 seed beads and pass the thread into the next side bead and the 1st corner bead.



You are coming out of a corner bead. Slide in 2 beads (shown in violet) and pass the thread into the previous corner bead (blue bead) which now becomes a part of your side beads.


Slide in a bead (shown in violet) and pass the thread into the next corner bead (blue bead.)




You are again in your corner beads so slide in 2 beads and pass the thread into the next bead.


Pick up another side bead (violet), pass the next bead, add your corner beads and come out the next bead.



Finish the 3rd side by adding 1 side bead and passing the thread into the next 2 beads. Now, you’re coming out again a corner bead.





Continue to build your triangle. Slide in your corner beads (green beads) and come out the next bead (violet). For the side beads, pick up a bead, pass the next bead, pick up a bead and pass the next bead, which is your corner bead again.




Continue to weave in this manner until you reach your desired triangle size. As your triangle gets bigger, you will notice you are using Peyote beadweaving technique.



After reaching your desired triangle size you need to add your point row. This will serve as a stopper for the triangle. For the point row, simply weave 1 bead at a time, going around the triangle.


You are coming out of your corner beads. Pick up 1 bead and pass the next bead. Pick up a bead again, pass the next bead, pick up a bead, pass the next bead, pick up a bead and pass bead. Weave in this manner until you have complete a side and come out again your corner beads.


Now you are adding a point row so pick up 1 bead and repeat Peyote stitch until you finish your triangle. You’re done!




Here’s another one I did with my flat beaded triangles. I created 2 triangles, joined them together and added a ring band.



Voila! My Twin Triangle Beaded Ring πŸ™‚





Happy beading!



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Sky Aldovino

I am a self-taught beadweaver who loves to learn and share her knowledge on jewelry making through blogging and published tutorials you'll find at DIY Beading

    14 Comments On “DIY: How to bead flat triangles”

    1. excellent tutorial


    2. How do you turn them into earrings? :0)


      • Hello Sally πŸ™‚ To make the triangle earrings all you need to do is create a triangle and then on one corner create a bail where you can attach your ear wires. The bail can be as simple as seed beads strung from one side to the other to make it look like a loop.


    3. This tutorial is just what I needed. Thanks πŸ™‚


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    5. Patrascan Sandrina

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


    6. I am also a self taught beader! I’m on a VERY tight income so when I come across tutorials and patterns at no cost, it is a real treat for me and many others I’m sure. Thank you sooo much for sharing with us!!


    7. Thank you for this…


    8. I understand how to create the triangle, however, what happened to the thread on the right side (the other end) in the first and second diagram?


      • Hello Donna, when you are finished creating the triangle you will pass the other end of the thread, (the tail end) into the seedbeads to secure it and then cut the excess.


    9. Wow great…I’ve been longing to know how to make this!


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