Wirework: WigJig Tool Patterns

I am really excited as I will soon be buying my wigjig tool. I now have some cash to spend on my supplies and that’s a big hep, hep, hep, horaay for me!!! I really like to learn more wirework techniques, expand my skills and I’m loving the swirls and spirals you can do with a wigjig. You can create perfect curves and so many patterns with this amazing tool.I am hoping to buy the Centaur Wigjig. A bit expensive but I think it will serve me more purpose. It is already a combination of the square and round hole patterns.
how to use a wigjig
Though you can make the swirls with your jewelry making pliers, particularly the round nose pliers but special tools like the wigjig does making those curves a lot easier and perfect.
Now since I do really want a wigjig and I’m preparing for it so I sourced out wirework designs involving the use of the tool. Take a look at some of the patterns you can do with a wigjig.

by Soft Flex
how to use a wigjig
Looks good as a pendant.
See pattern HERE
how to use a wigjig

Sidewinders by Wigjig, useful for making links
See more variations of Sidewinders HERE
how to use a wigjig

Celtic Teardrops by Wigjig
See complete pattern HERE
how to use a wigjig

Look at these beautiful necklace, created from Square Knots pattern
how to use a wigjig

…and you’ll go crazy over the Crazy 8 Wire Bracelet

Amazing things you can do with a small tool, isn’t it? Oohhh I can’t wait to have my wigjig real soon!

If you are interested, you can buy the Wigjig tools from Fire Mountain Gems.




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