Wirework: DIY Bail Tutorial

It would be wonderful if we can create a piece of jewelry, totally handmade from start to finish. Probably, among the techniques wirework is the best way to do it. You can create an array of finishing touches using wires. You can create your own ear wires, ear hoops, clasps, jump rings and links. Some wirework artist make their own beads using coiling techniques. Though to make things easier and less work, you can find and purchase findings at craft store but making your own, if you know how can add uniqueness into a piece of jewelry.My new found friend, Linda from WireWorkers Guild likes to create her own bails. Like what she mentioned on her blog, bails available in the market sometimes do not go well with your bead, or gemstone, or material you’re working with. I experience this problem sometimes and often times, I end up not finishing the piece. As I am not much of a wirework artist my wirework creativity is not something that you would say, wow to LOL.
Take a look at this bail from Linda’s blog. It surely goes well with the piece. Learning how to make your own bail you can match your bail design with how you created your wire bezel.
How to make a bal

You can create variations if you wish or mimic the ones available in the market and put your own twist!
How to make a bal

Oh well, enough of the chit-chat LOL Let’s learn now how to create a simple bail design with Linda’s techniques.

Celtic Spiral Bail Tutorial
How to make a bail

The Glue-On Bail Tutorial
How to make a bail

Inspiring, isn’t it?
I know something is already cooking up in your minds. Mine is already creating swirls and loops of bail so cheers! Linda is right. Oh ‘hail’ to the Bail!!!

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