Metalsmith Basics Tutorial

Probably, Metalsmith is foremost and the primary way of making jewelry. In the early times, metalsmith are only known for producing metal tools for farming and warfare, and they are called Blacksmith and Bladesmith. Since with metalsmith you’re working with iron and steel you need a source of heat and hammer to shape.The furnace is the place or source of heat for metalsmithing and it’s called “forge.” You would then need a tong or a fork-like tool to hold the metal/steel and then your hammer to shape. It sounds too difficult and hard to do, but in today’s times, tools are created to make it feasible and easy for everyone to use. Crafters and new generation of jewelry makers have been applying these ancient techniques with modern tools in creating handmade jewelries.
One great tool for metalsmith is the micro-torch which will be your source of heat. It is portable and easy to use compared when you’re still using a furnace.


The micro torch may be small and looks easy to use but there’s a lot of things you need to know like how to handle and techniques how to heat a metal properly. You’ll find a good video from Kate Rickbourg on Micro Torch Basics.

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how to metalsmith tutorial

Simple ways how to use metalsmithing techniques is by making earrings with balls at the end.

how to metalsmith tutorial

Earring posts tutorial by
how to metalsmith tutorial

By heating or soldering you can join two metals and create a secured link

How to Solder Jumprings Tutorial
how to metalsmith tutorial

How to Solder a Simple Sterling Silver Bail Tutorial
how to metalsmith tutorial

Simple techniques yet very effective for making jewelries, don’t you think?

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how to metalsmith tutorial

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