Spiral Wire Jewelry Patterns


Spiraling is a popular wirework technique. When I first learned how to make wire jewelry it’s the first technique I learned and it was fun making spirals, especially when you’re able to create a perfect spiral in one try. Making spirals is just easy but it still requires proper techniques and practice that’s why we’ve collected these spiral wire jewelry patterns for everyone to try!For beginners if you’re still having difficulty making spirals don’t get frustrated. Just keep on practicing until you get the shape that you want. Watch this video tutorial how to make basic spirals and learn a few tips from Lisa Niven Kelly from beaducation.com
wire jewelry patterns
Now that you got the idea how to make spirals try and make the Hammered Spiral Wire Earring by AllFreeBeadedJewelry The tutorial is perfect for beginners and is showing a common design for spiral earrings. You’ll be able to perfect you spirals with this tutorial.
wire jewelry patterns
Spirals can be made big or small. You can end your spiral with a big loop, similar to a hoop earrings.

Zen Spiral Hoop Earrings by Rena Klingenberg
wire jewelry patterns
Spirals can be used in different ways too, like that of a whirlpool 🙂

Spiral Earring Tutorial by Angles-own Handmade
wire jewelry patterns
Spirals are also great when you’re making wings

Butterfly Bangle by WireWorker Guild
wire jewelry patterns
Explore making spirals and create variations with the same technique over and over again!

Beadpodrings by WireWorkers Guild
wire jewelry patterns

Variation of Beadpodrings by WireWorkers Guild
wire jewelry patterns

wire jewelry patterns

wire jewelry patterns

wire jewelry patterns
Have fun with your wires!

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