Free Jewelry Patterns with Twin Beads


Twin beads! These are cute oval shaped seed beads with 2 holes!

Preciosa produced these seed beads that’s great for beading projects because it allows you to weave into 2 holes giving you freedom to link twin beads and create beadwork, not the conventional way. You can create wonderful beadwork with Twin Beads!by Preciosa
jewelry patterns
There might still be some club members, fans and friends confused and wondering how to use twin beads. Well, I’ve got some tutorials for you, beading designs you can do with twin beads. I’m sure you’ll love them all 🙂
Blue Star with twin beads bracelet by Viktoria Rumiantzeva
jewelry patterns

Skinny Twin Cube Band by Deborah Roberti
jewelry patterns
Beaded Heart Pendant for Valentine’s Day with Twin beads by Honey Beads
jewelry patterns
Happy now? Do you like them? I know it’s hard and time consuming finding free tutorials on the net but I’ll do that for you LOL Ciao for now!

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