DIY Basic Daisy Chain Beading Tutorial

Daisies are one of my favorite flowers.

I like how the petals looks like the rays of the sun; it makes me smile.

Beading also makes me smile and just like daisies, there’s also a beadweaving technique called “daisy chain weave.”

Daisy chain weaving is the easiest beading technique. They’re so easy that even kids can do it but even though it’s that easy, let’s understand the basic of daisy chain weaving technique.

The thing to remember in daisy chain is that you should always have an even number of petals. Each petal should have an equal opposing side. You can have 4 petals, 6 petals, 8 petals and 10 or even more. In daisy chain weaving, you can either have the petals connected by sharing or separately weave the daisies.

Cut a few inches of thread and string in 4 beads. Pass the thread back thru the very 1st bead to form a circle.

Slide in a 5th bead which will be your center bead then pass the thread into the opposing side, going out the opposite direction.

The bead where the thread came out will be your 1st bead for a 2nd daisy. String in 3 more and form a circle by passing the thread back thru the bead where your thread came out.

Slide in your center bead and continue to pass the thread into the opposing bead and come out in opposite direction.

Continue weaving in this manner and you will have a basic daisy chain. Try it with 6 beads.

String in 6 beads and form a circle. Coming out of the 1st bead slide in your center bead and pass the thread into an opposing bead.

Repeat the same pattern and connect another daisy.

Now, let’s try and weave daisies without sharing petals. Start with the basic 4 petal daisy and continue to string in 1 more bead. Pass the thread twice following the diagram.

Then string in 3 more beads and your center bead and weave but this time, in counter-clockwise direction to complete the daisy. The next daisy should now be weaved in clockwise direction.

For 6 petal daisy chain start with the normal weaving pattern. To add a 2nd daisy, string in 1 bead, pass the thread back thru the an opposing bead shown in orange. String in 1 more bead and pass the thread into the 1st bead you just added.

Then continue with the usual manner of weaving.

As you practice you can create your own variations. Remember, explore and you can come up with your own techniques. I hope you liked the diagrams. It is easier for me to show the steps in diagrams but on the next few weeks, I’ll show images as I try create a piece. For now, try on these free tutorials for Daisy Chain accessories!

by Fusion Beads

Daisy Chain 8 Bead Necklace by Unique Beaded Jewelry

Sweet Garden Bead and Daisy Chain Necklace by Where the Pixies Roam

Potawatomi daisy chain by Inspirational Beading

Happy Beading!

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