Jewelry Making Tips: How to End And Add A New Thread To Beading

I love beading and making beaded accessories, but I hate it when I run out of thread and have to start and add a new thread. Admit it. I know you too hate having to add a new thread because it’s niggling at times, especially when we’re experiencing difficulty adding a new thread and don’t know how to.  It is much easier starting a beadwork but many are still experiencing difficulty when adding a new thread. Well, I’ve got a few jewelry making tips of my own that I’d like to share when I’m working with my favorite beading stitches.


When I am working with Peyote Stitch or any beading technique that’s tightly woven I do the Skittling Method.
jewelry making tips

Skittling is a method you can use, both for ending and adding a new thread.

To skittle, you bring your needle/thread and pass back thru your beadwork in zigzag direction. The more u-turns you make the more secure the thread is, even without tying a knot.


Skittling Method also works for Brick Stitches, but since the bead’s holes are facing upward the threads can come up and down the holes. I can either pass back thru the same beads and then cut off the thread…
jewelry making tips
…or combine it with Skittling Method and bring the thread downward the beadwork and make big u-turns.
jewelry making tips
When it comes to right angle weave beadwork I simply pass back thru the beads in the same direction as if I’m making a backward right angle weave.
jewelry making tips
To secure the thread, after passing back thru several beads I make several turns in 1 set of RAW and then cut off the thread.


You may notice I don’t make knots. I seldom make knots as I hate to see a knot coming out of the beadwork so as much as possible I secure the thread by passing back thru several beads, making skittles and making big u-turns. These techniques works well for me; however, if you are uncertain it is advisable to make knots.


You may have your own techniques so do share them here and at the Fanpage to help others who are still having difficulty ending and adding a new thread.


Learn a few tips too from the experts!


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jewelry making tips




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jewelry making tips



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jewelry making tips



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