Make Your Own Jewelry with DIY Netting Stitch Technique

Have you tried making your own jewelry with Netting Stitch? This beading technique is a fast way to build up a beadwork, especially if you’re making a beaded necklace because you can string several beads at a time.  With 2 types of Netting Stitch, horizontal and vertical netting stitching technique is suitable for beginners and beadweaving is easy to follow.


make your own jewelry



Horizontal Netting is commonly used when making necklaces. I, for one this technique is my favorite. You can use the Horizontal Netting as an embellishment or what I’d like to call, making fringes with other types of beadweaving stitches.


make your own jewelry



Netting Stitch follows a continuous beading pattern of going back thru an anchor bead which connects the rows of beads and passing back thru several rows of beads.


Horizontal Netting Stitch


make your own jewelry


String your beads that will serve as your foundation.. From the bead you wanted to start to weave your netting, slide in the beads of your choice and then pass back thru an anchor bead.


make your own jewelry


Simply continue in this weaving pattern until you build up your netting stitch.
You would notice your are building up a triangle shape.


Vertical Netting Stitch


make your own jewelry


Starting with a bead stopper, string your choices of beads.
To create the first netting, you need to pass back thru the last bead from your 1st row. To do so, you can slide in small beads and create a Picot Edge or simply use a seed bead then slide the same beads as that of your 1st row.  Your thread should now come out from the anchor bead.









make your own jewelry

Create another set by connecting to the anchor bead.
You would notice that as you weave up and down your create a diamond pattern.

These are the basic netting stitches. You can make numerous variations by incorporating different colors, shapes and sizes of beads and like what I always say, practice make perfect so here are several tutorials using Netting Stitch.



Ruby’s Beadwork Netted Necklace Tutorial


make your own jewelry



Lattice Bracelet by Ruby’s Beadwork


make your own jewelry



Happy beading!

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