Jewelry Making with DIY Ladder Stitch Beading Tutorial


Aside from right angle weave, Ladder Stitch is one of the firsts beading techniques that I’ve learned when I was starting to learning jewelry making. This is the second beaded ring, Red-dotted Ring I’ve created while learning how to do the Ladder Stitch.
  Red-dotted Ring jewelry making It’s funny because when I was trying to figure out how to make a ring without using the bead loom technique I started weaving and formed a ring. I didn’t know yet that the stitch was called ladder. I searched the internet trying to learn on my own and that’s when I learned that it’s called “Ladder Stitch.”   Anyhow, I wanted to share to you this simple technique how to do the Ladder Stitch. The stitch can be used as foundation for Brick Stitch and Herringbone Stitch and I’m sure possible too for other types of stitches. Points to remember: As you add a bead your weaving pattern changes direction from clockwise to counter-clockwise. You can add as many rows as you like. If you are weaving correctly, starting at a clockwise direction for odd number of rows your thread should come out upward the bead’s hole while for even number of rows your thread should come out at the bottom of the bead’s hole.   Ladder Stitch starts with 2 beads stringed side by side with the bead holes facing upward. Your thread enters the bottom of the 1st bead. A second bead is stringed and the thread is weaved from clockwise direction, passing twice the beads’ holes and going out the bottom of the 2nd bead. jewelry making You then add a 3rd bead and the thread is weaved in counter-clockwise direction, passing the 2nd bead and going out of the 3rd bead in upward direction. jewelry making Add a 4th bead and your thread is weaved twice in clockwise direction, passing the 3rd bead and going out the bottom of the 4th bead. Continue to weave in this manner until you build up your beadwork. jewelry making If you wanted to make several rows of Ladder Stitch you can string 2 or 3 beads per stitch and the same weaving pattern will apply. This is an easier way to build up your beadwork. This is how I did my Red-dotted Ring. jewelry making Ladder Stitch is perfect for making rings! Check out this video how to create beautiful Ladder Stitch Rings jewelry making Try each featured tutorial and explore the Ladder Stitch beading technique ♥ Ciao!

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