DIY Beaded Pearl Ring Tutorial

Here’s a fun and easy way to create a beaded ring suited for beginner students. This tutorial will teach you how to use right angle weaving technique and create a ring using pearls, bicones and seed beads. You’ll learn how to do right angle weave in circular direction which created the flower shape center of the ring. This tutorial will also teach you the basic right angle weaving technique which created the ring band. Materials & Tools Needed: 4 x 4mm white Pearls Several colored blue 11/0 Seed beads 4 x 4mm blue Bicone crystals 4 dark blue 11/0 Seed beads Nylon thread Scissors Step 1: Cut an arm span of nylon thread and slide in 4 dark blue seed beads. Position the seed beads at the center of the thread. Cross both threads into a seed bead. Pull the thread. Step 2:Cross both threads into the bicone on your left thread shown in arrow. Step 3:Insert your left thread into the nearest seed bead shown in arrow. Continue by sliding in a bicone on your left thread and a pearl on your right thread. Cross both threads into the bicone on your left thread. Repeat Step 3. Insert the left thread into the nearest seed bead. On your left thread slide in a bicone and on your right thread slide in a pearl. Then cross both threads into the bicone on your left thread. Step 5: Insert your left thread into the seed bead and out into the bicone shown in arrows. Finally, cross both threads into a pearl. Pull the thread tight. You would notice that the center part – bicones and seed beads are popping out and is creating a dome shape. Step 7: Creating the ring band Slide in 2 seed beads on your left and right thread. Then cross both threads into 2 seed beads and pull.
Step 8: Repeat Step 7 of creating the ring band until you reach your desired length. Step 9: After reaching your desired length, to end the ring band slide in 2 seed beads on your left and right thread. Then cross both thread into the opposite pearl. Pull the thread and fit into your finger. To secure the thread, going in crisscross direction insert the threads halfway back thru the ring band then tie a knot. Insert again back thru the seed beads until you get to the other side. Cut off excess thread. You’re done! Create as many as you like in different colors. If you like a PDF Copy that you can download, print and keep you can purchase the Beaded Pearl Ring Jewelry Making Tutorial at Subscribe to HJC to stay updated with jewelry making news! Click here! Click and view our membership packages: DBC membership bannersOur latest issue from DIY Beading Club: Latest Issue banner


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