Beading and Wire Jewelry Tutorials

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Crisscross Beaded Bracelet
Figure 8 or right angle weave is one of the widely used beading technique. Going in crisscross direction, like a number 8 you’ll be able to create an elegant bracelet such as the Crisscross Beaded Bracelet. With the tutorial you’ll learn how to embellish your basic Figure 8 Weaving skills.
Suitable for beginners you can easily follow the pictoral step by step and diagrams, and create the bracelet in a variety of colors, and sizes of beads. Put a dash of your own style and flavor to create your own version.
 Cherry Dangling Earrings
Are you a fruit lover? Here’s an accessory that will surely make you look fresh and sweet like a fruit cherry!
This is a fun wire jewellery project for beginners. Learn how to make a Cherry Dangling Earrings by making loops and curves. Simple the steps may seem, but the techniques you’ll learn will be useful and helpful in creating wire jewellery in the future.
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