Make Jewelry with Circular Brick Stitch Around a Bead Tutorial

Let’s learn to make jewelry by understanding circular brick stitch around a bead.
Brick Stitch is a beadweaving technique where beads are sewn, stacked up, but off-set resembling a brick wall.
by Silverhill Design


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A popular variation of the brick stitch is the Circular Brick Stitch where the beads are sewn either around a ring or a bead, going in circular direction.  Today, we’re going to learn the Circular Brick Stitch Around A Bead.
The basic Circular Brick Stitch uses only seed beads.
Visit pattern HERE by Fusion Beads


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Though it may look real simple, but you can still do wonders with just plain seed beads with the circular brick stitch, like this ring from Inspirational Beading


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If you play with colors you can create a wonderful circular brick stitch ring. If you add several rows of brick stitches you can make it wider and turn the same design into a pendant. Attach a hook and you can turn the ring into a pair of earrings.


Circular Brick Stitch opens possibilities to various designs.
Try incorporating different sizes and shapes of beads.


Visit Tutorial HERE: Festus by Beejang


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This circular brick stitch bracelet by Beejang used 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads and some Rondelles.
Karla Schaefer added some bicones onto her flashing bright red colored Circular Brick Stitch Ring and created a pointed flower-like ring.


Watch video tutorial HERE


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I created my Chameleon Ring with pearls and created a dominant rounded edge.
Check out my pattern HERE


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Did you see how by changing the size and shape of beads you can create various designs using only one beading pattern? One technique but various designs! Explore the Circular Brick Stitch and you can create wonders with it!


Hope the links we’ve sourced out and shared are helpful! Don’t forget to share and post your creations using Circular Brick Stitch at the Fanpage and inspire others to explore this versatile beading technique.


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    3 Comments On “Make Jewelry with Circular Brick Stitch Around a Bead Tutorial”

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    2. Hi, thanks for the awesome post! I do have a question.

      I’ve been playing around with circular brick stitch and want to know how to increase the round with using the same sized beads AND keep it symmetrical. I know you add 2 beads to the same stitch, but everywhere I look it says to do so if it looks like it is needed, not at a set point (i.e. 10 beads into the next round add an increase).

      Is there a way to figure out when to add an increase? Like with crochet you need to add increases at a certain point to keep the circular shape.


      Also do you have any suggestions for circular brick stitch graph paper?


      • Hello Rhalina,

        Adding 2 beads depends on how big the diameter of the circle. Usually, when I do circular brickstitch I find that I need increase or add beads after 8-10 beads. When the circle is really big I add increase after around 15 – 18 beads. Cheers!


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