How to choose different types of necklace lengths

Ladies love to be fashionable. We always want to look our best, especially when going out on a date with a special someone. We want to look professional when going to the office. We want to look elegant when attending formal functions or even when just going out with friends we always want to look our best, but sometimes our best is not good enough. Maybe there’s something not right with our outfit. Maybe the colors don’t match or maybe the shoes don’t match the occasion. Maybe the accessories are too elegant when we’re just going to the grocery store. Don’t forget ladies, beauty of the face, alone do not make a total package. You can be very beautiful, but beauty will fade to the keen eyes of fashion critics once they see that something do not go well or do not fit. Last week we gave you some tips how to find the earrings that best fit your face shape. Today, we’ll try our best to help you find the perfect necklace lengths for you.

Here are 6 types of necklace lengths, from shortest to longest

If you have a thin long neck a collar and choker length is the right choice.
Paris Hilton Style » Collar Necklace Lookbook

Collar and Choker necklace are quite similar. Sometimes a collar necklace is mistaken as a choker necklace and vice-versa. Others wear their chokers higher than a collar necklace, but actually, a collar length is shorter and should be worn higher than a choker necklace.
Jessica Simpson Fancy CZ Pearl Choker Bridal Necklace

A collar necklace is about 12-13 inches and should be above the Adam’s Apple while a choker is an inch longer or about 14-16 inches and is worn just about the Adam’s Apple. Both are worn snug, but chokers are more comfortable with less tight feeling on the neck.
Both are fantastic if you’re the active type person. Without any distractions and long necklaces getting on the way you can move comfortably. Collar and chokers are also excellent if you’re wearing staples clothing.

A common length for a necklace is the Princess, about 17-19 inches. This size of necklace is more casual and looks good if you’re wearing high or low necklines. The only thing with Princess Type is that the clothing tends to overlap or cover the necklace because they lay just about your neckline. But that’s not a problem. Adjust your clothing or necklace and make sure both don’t lie on the same spot.
Seaside Pearls Princess Necklace

Next length is the Matinee Necklace, 20-24 inches and should lie on top of your cleavage. This length is fit for professionals. They look elegant and sophisticated and if you’re going on a business meeting this would look good on formal wear with high necklines. You can also wear Matinee Necklace casually and looks good on neck tee clothing but not with plunging necklines.
Seaside Pearls Matinee Necklace

If you want to look sexy, the Opera length will look good on you, drawing attention to your chest. With 30-36 inches, this type of necklace lies just below the breast bone. But if you’re uncomfortable, wear this necklace with very high necklines. The Opera necklace is also popular wearing them in multiple strands.
Opera Length Pearls Faux

The longest is the Rope Necklace, about 45 inches or longer. Pearls best suits this type of necklace. They look elegant and you can wear it on almost any style.
Aishlee Simpson wearing a a pearl Rope Necklace

This wraps up our long story LOL. We hope that this information can help you find the right necklace length for your outfit. Just remember, wear them with confidence!


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